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Vaginal Infections To Be History As New Hygienic Product Hits Ugandan Market

By Amon Baita

 Honey Pot Herbal Gentle Wash is new hygienic liquid wash which has been launched on the Ugandan market targeting women of all ages and class.

It is designed to keep the vagina clean as well as protecting it from vaginal infections and bad odor.

The miraculous hygienic liquid wash is manufactured by a Ugandan company called ‘’White mark Cosmetics’’ based on Eastern ring road, Nansana in Wakiso district.

The company says benefits of Honey Pot herbal gentle wash include cleansing the ladies’ intimate area thoroughly and leaving it smelling fresh as well as preventing skin inflammation and bacterial infections from entering into the ladies’ most sensitive part of the body.

Other health benefits  of the  product include reducing vaginal discomfort, itching, dryness and preventing irritation and  pain.

Honey Pot herbal gentle wash that was approved by National Drug Authority (NDA CERTIFICATE Number.THA855) comes in a variety of bottle sizes ranging from 40mls up to 100mls.

It costs between Shs8,500 and 12,000Shs. It  can be found in Kikuubo,at Makoa Shoppers Ltd,Bamako House-William Street,Ground Level and wholesalers from all parts of the country are urged to stock it in large quantities.

The hygienic liquid wash can also be used during periods and pregnancy for cleansing purposes and keeping the intimate area fresh.

The new product also also helps to maintain the PH balance of the intimate body part through its lactic acid formation.

A big number of ladies in Uganda are vulnerable and prone to catching vaginal infections like Candida or Gonorrhea mostly caused by visiting unhygienic toilets and or contracting them from having live sex with infected partners.

For inquiries and deliveries, call: 0707400000. OR +256393248720.

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