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Sudhir, BoU Lawyers Case Pushed To March

The Commercial Court has pushed to March1, 2019 the hearing of pending applications in the case between city property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia and Bank of Uganda new external lawyers- Sebalu & Lule advocates over conflict of interest.

Sudhir sued Sebalu & Lule advocates that were contracted by BoU as external lawyers for alleged conflict of interest arising out of one of the court cases where the law firm is representing dfcu Bank.
The petitioner, Crane Management Services owned by Sudhir, contends that there exists an advocate-client relationship with the lawyers of Sebalu & Lule Advocates yet the same law firm is representing an opposing party against them in another court matter.
Sudhir was also c-owner of the closed Crane Bank which the central bank sold to dfcu Bank.

Sudhir interacting with his lawyer (L) as his son Rajiv (R) looks on

The hearing of the case was deferred because the Judge in charge of the case, David Wangutusi is unwell.

Speaking to journalists after the pronouncement, Sudhir said: “This is a pure case of conflict of interest and this is greed…this is a very simple case of conflict of interest. If a lawyer of his degree doesn’t know that he is conflicted, then who will [know]; we are ready with enough evidence.”

He said he wants the case out of his way because it is wasting his time yet any time lost means losing money.

Crane Management Services further contends that the advocate-client relationship through which vital and confidential information was discussed and exchanged between the two parties and their continued defence of dfcu bank would be prejudicial to them.

The petitioner now wants the court to issue a permanent injunction, restraining Sebalu & Lule Advocates from appearing as defence counsel for dfcu bank in the other court case that the two principals are battling out.

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