Sunday, May 9, 2021


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25 Year Old Ssendegeya Ventured Into Coffee Value Addition To Change Lives Of Fellow Youth

Aloysious Ssendegeya wants to empower youth through coffee Ugandans are increasingly venturing into coffee value addition as the country’s volumes continue to increase. Th...

Travel & Tourism

Tourism & Travel

Tourism Ministry Has Delivered 92% of Manifesto Pledges -Minister Butime

The Minister for Tourism, Tom Butiime says the National Resistance Movement has achieved monumental landmarks on its social contracts with the people as stated in the NRM Manifesto 2016-...

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COVID-19 IMPACT: Cab Driver Sold His Car To Go For ‘Kyeyo’ Abroad As Tourism Crushed

Ongodia  (L) at the source of R. Nile with his client. In 2018, Sam Ongodia, a father of two returned from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) after two years working in a hotel. W...

Tourism & Travel

Tourism Players Want Uganda’s Only Wild Rhino Sanctuary Reopened

Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary Tourism sector players have called for the reopening of the country’s only wild rhino sanctuary (Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary), amidst a conflict ...