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Uganda Commends Kenya For Enhanced Port Operations

The Ugandan government has commended Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) for the port infrastructural improvements, which have contributed to faster handling of cargo.

Speaking during a visit to KPA offices in Mombasa on Tuesday, Paul Mukumbya, the new Uganda Consul General observed that the Port of Mombasa was slowly scaling the heights of excellence.

Julius Rubagumya, the Uganda Revenue Authority Assistant Commissioner, Customs External Operations, also said the port was in a better state than before.

Rubagumya also lauded operations at Kisumu Port noting that the port had facilitated convenient movement of fuel imports into Uganda.

He added that the upgrade of the Meter Gauge Railway (MGR) linking Kisumu to Naivasha’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) will further reduce the cost of doing business for the benefit of the consumer.

Rubagumya said the service will enhance smooth and timely delivery of cargo because of the seamless connectivity between the Port of Mombasa and Kisumu Port hence the marketing of this service should be prioritised.

Mukumbya said Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni holds that Kenyan ports are at the centre of bilateral relations between Uganda and Kenya.

The ports are the main anchor for trade between the two nations.

Mukumbya further thanked the Kenya Ports Authority management for provision of high service standards and for being responsive to issues raised by the Uganda business community.

KPA acting Managing Director Rashid Salim said Kenya has opened a liaison office in Kampala, Uganda, so that Ugandan importers and exporters can be served better.

“The port has also extended its services to the Inland Container Depot Naivasha linked by the Standard Gauge Railway line,” Mr Salim said.

“Kenya has also donated some land to Uganda as their cargo storage facility to reduce the cost of doing business.”

-The Standard


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