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Police Launch Electronic Penalty System For Errant Drivers

Police has launched an electronic Express Penalty System-EPS for errant drivers.

Dr. Steven Kasiima, the Director of Traffic Uganda Police Force, says the Express Penalty System will help to reduce the number of drivers dodging the payment of penalties. 

He says some drivers have unpaid penalties worth Shillings 5M, which he says will no longer be the case because the automated system tracks vehicle location. 

The system has functions, which include identifying the offender, tracking vehicles with pending penalties, reading vehicle number plates and driving permit details and outstanding penalties as well as a payment system.  

Kasiima says more than 1400 traffic officers have been trained on using EPS system and their details incorporated. 

Traffic officers shall be going for duty with a gadget that would be used to read the offence of the driver and the pending penalties.   

Kasiima says only 50 percent of traffic offenders have been paying but the EPS will rectify the situation. 

Vehicles without insurance will be fined Shillings 40,000, obscured number plates will pay Shillings 40,000, driving without a valid permit Shillings 100, 000, permitting a person not enrolled in driving school Shillings 100,000 and Shillings 200,000 for using good’s vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to others. 

Police earned Shillings 8b from penalties last year and most of the cases were of driving carelessly and vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition.


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