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Minister Obua Applauds Huawei For Skilling Ugandan Students To Become ICT Experts

Huawei Seeds for the Future Closing ceremony was presided over by State Minister for Sports, Hamson Obua (R)

The State Minister of Education and Sports Hon. Hamson Obua has today concluded the 2020 Huaweiseeds for the future program.

On a ceremony organized on video system, the Minister has commended Huawei for ‘walking the talk’ through the seeds for the future program that skills students to become ICT experts.

“We want to salute Huawei that they are walking the talk. I feel honored to associate myself with this program that trains the Ugandan students to become ICT experts. We are proud of the training opportunities you’re according to the citizens of Uganda. We are not taking that for granted,” said Hon. Hamson Obua.

This comes after 37 top ICT students from various universities participated in the seeds for the future program online. These were trained in Internet of things, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Cloud, Artificial intelligence and 5G related courses.

Zhao Xiufen, the Commercial Counsellor in the Chinese Embassy also a very important guest at the ceremony noted that, “China has been providing connectivity infrastructure and it has been working with Uganda to enhance technology and without such infrastructure, such online trainings and meetings would have been impossible. It also worth to note that the Chinese people believe in sharing and that is why Huawei came up with seeds for the future program to give back to the world.”

Commercial Counselor in Chinese Embassy Miss Zhao Xiufen

Giving a speech on behalf of the students who participated in the program, Mr. Kasiita Patrick from Gulu University commended Huawei for opening their eyes and advised his fellow students of their responsibility to keep them open forever.

“To my fellow students, you are now fully equipped with the knowledge to manifest in the realm of technology. It will be totally disappointing to sit on your talents. They have opened your eyes, its our own duty to keep them open for life. You are the seeds for the future and the future is now,” Said Mr. Kasiita Patrick from Gulu University.

Because of the COVID -19 Pandemic, the Managing director of Huawei Mr. Gaofei notes that Huawei globally turned the seeds for the future program that took students to China into an online study.

“Because of COVID-19 global pandemic and its effects on transport, borders and gatherings. We have been encouraged to live what we profess as an ICT Company by introducing an online version of the seeds for the future program.  During this program, we have made full use of the benefits of; learning and communication without borders, showing the future communication trends through welink, a sense of exclusivity of a teaching form and the convenience of not being restricted by the place among others,” he said.

The Students were also rewarded different prizes to in the ceremony to be encouraged to devote more in the ICT innovating sector.


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