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Kayihura Vows To Arrest Kaweesi Assassins

Uganda’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), General Kale Kayihura has spoken out on the gruesome murder of one of his deputies, vowing to nab the killers.

Andrew Felix Kaweesi, the force’s spokesperson was on Friday morning gunned by assailants traveling on motorccylces in Kulambiro in the capital Kampala. His bodyguard and driver were also killed.

“I rushed to Kulambiro after hearing that Kaweesi was shot and feared dead. Eye witnesses tell us, the gun men first shot in the air and then started shooting the vehicle,” Kayihura narrated while addressing the media in Kulambiro.

He added, “We are not yet sure about what really led to Kaweesi death, his killing is similar to that of the Muslim clerics. It is reported that the motorcyclists who killed Kaweesi pretended 2 be repairing their motorcycle.”

The crime scene has been cordoned off

The IGP spoke of his friendship with Kaweesi saying he relied on him;

“Kaweesi was full of promise, I was relying on him so much. Journalists know how he has been operating.”

He vowed, “They must have killed our police officer but they have not finished us. We will get them.”

He also urged Ugandans to be vigilant and look out for their fellow countrymen.

“Let us always practice Neighbourhood watch, this would have helped to know why the gunmen were pretending to repair their cycle,” he said.

Forensic experts have started working at the scene of the fatal shooting.



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  1. nothing can be done unless uganda police sarvice change their attitude towards the peoples of uganda “cz it’s totally bad en abusive ???

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