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KAWEESI MURDER: M7 Challenges Ugandans To Fight Motorcycle Hitmen

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni has challenged Ugandans to take on a group of killers now infamous for using motorcycles to claim their victims.

The president revealed this in a series of tweets on Friday evening as he mourned the death of the country’s Assistant Inspector General of Police who was murdered by gunmen travelling on motorcycles.

“Security personnel & all citizens should be on the lookout for these thugs who have made it a habit to use motorcycles to kill people,” he tweeted.

The president added, “If you notice such characters & especially if they are trailing a person with armed guards, you should take prompt action and challenge them.”

RIP; Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Kaweesi was shot dead as he left his home in Kulambiro, in the capital Kampala. His bodyguard and driver, both police officers did not survive the gruesome attack.

Museveni has since ordered that surveillance cameras be installed in major towns and allong highways to help curb the crime that has claimed a number of big shots.

“As a consequence of these repeated murders, I have directed the immediate installation of cameras in all major towns and along highways. We’ve been planning to do this project for some time but we have been postponing it on account of other priorities like roads & electricity,” he tweeted.

Last November, Major Sulaiman Kiggundu was shot dead along with his bodyguard

And in March 2015 , lawyer Joan Kagezi, who was prosecuting the 2010 Kampala bombing suspects was also shot on the way home by armed men on a motorbike.



2 thoughts on “KAWEESI MURDER: M7 Challenges Ugandans To Fight Motorcycle Hitmen

  1. mugisha josephat frederick

    Museveni is our taxes to guns and aminitions which kills our people instead of buying things like cameras on streets to find thugs. So museveni should tell ugandans a clear report about the of kawessi

  2. Muhanguzi Justus

    Top Security personels Should Stay In A Well Secured Place. Cameras That Can Capture An Event In A Distance Of 100m On Their Cars And Homes And They Shd Be Tracked At Anytime Through Recording Their Way Inorder To Know Wat Happed Be Incendance. Otherwise Am Suggesting RIP AFANDE KAWEESI. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. God Bless

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