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500 Clients ‘Take Home’ Fortebet Gifts In Kasese, Fort Portal, Bushenyi & Ishaka

Fortebet fired up the moods of its customers when it bombarded its centres in FortPortal, Kasese and Ishaka with massive gifts.

The gifts were given out in; the two branches in Fort Portal, two in Kasese, two in Ishaka and in Kabwohe.

5 Kizinda Ishaka clients that took home club jerseys

A record over 500 customers that were found at any of the above branches received at least a gift that Fortebet which included Fortebet pens, wristbands, caps, T-shirts and European teams’ jerseys.

7 punters at Kasese main that took caps

“This has been a very special World Cup, with very many surprises. This is why we have also decided to bring you surprise gifts. We are not only doing this during this world cup, but we do this every weekend,” said John Nanyumba, Fortebet Media manager, while handing over gifts to Fortebet customers at Fort Portal Main branch.

Fort Portal main branch T-shirts winners

On top of the gifts named above, Fortebet also gave out new F2 Tecno Smart phones to lucky customers.

An operator in Fort Portal handing over a ball to pupils of St. Charles Lwanga Priary school

A customer at Kasese main centre with nickname Ronaldo said, “You have kicked out all other betting companies from Kasese. You guys are strong because of the way you do your things. I am happy for my gift.”

These punters at Ishaka centre were rewarded with jerseys

The phone winner at Fort Portal main branch said, “I am a very lucky person because I have just lost my phone and now Fortebet has replaced it. I can’t even express the happiness I feel deep inside me.”

Fortebet team also did what it always does-giving out balls in the bid to promote young talents.

The team gave out brand new Fortebet balls to pupils of St. Charles Lwanga Primary school in Fort Portal, Busiita primary school in Bunyangabu district and community kids that were found playing within Kasese town.

Busiita primary school pupils pose with their ball after the handover

Deus Nyabuje, the deputy head teacher at St. Charles Lwanga, said:  “This has changed my perspective about Fortebet. I thought you are only here to make money. I am glad that you have given back to the community. This school is one of the best in football in this district, so this ball addition will make us stronger.”

Fortebet team will close world cup gifts giveaways with Jinja, Magamaga and Iganga over the weekend.


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