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Where Are Civil Society Organizations In The Fight Against Coronavirus?

By Sam Evidence Orikunda

If you’ve followed Uganda’s politics well, in the times of Politics, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are always active; many leaders of CSOs appear on television criticizing the President and Government.

They also lie to Ugandans that they’re fighting for their rights and therefore their existence is to make sure that the human rights are protected and respected by the government.

Sometimes they go to court and open cases of human rights especially when the issue is Political and intended to discredit the Government or the President.

CSOs are funded by foreign Governments and other rich individuals in foreign countries. They also fund a number of opposition political parties in most countries in Africa.

That’s why it becomes easier for them to take over our media with any negative stories against the Government and African leaders.

In this wake of Coronavirus, which is taking the lives of many and scaring others, the CSOs are mute. 

The executive directors of those organizations   are quiet and their social media platforms are very much dormant like never before. 

Nobody has even made a sticker to sensitize the public about Coronavirus and the measures they can put to prevent it.

This is not because they don’t know what is happening but it’s because they don’t care. Their interest is causing Political instability in African countries and change of government through uprisings.

The Ugandan opposition politicians have somehow thought it wise, because I’ve seen a number of them, not all – trying to sensitize the public about coronavirus.

Some even tried to distribute food items to the people though they were later stopped by the President. It was a good gesture that really shown that they stand with the people of Uganda as the country passes through the most difficult times ever.

It should be known to Ugandans, that as we suffer this pandemic, the Government spends a lot of money, and that’s why the generous people are giving assistance of both cash and materials like vehicles.

In his address to the nation President Museveni revealed that  a number of people have donated money and vehicles  to him  to be used in the fight against coronavirus.

The CSOs should be made to know that you only  fight for  the  rights of the people when they are alive and I think the safety of the people should come first before anything else.

This is why President Museveni has kept on the microphone to explain new measures being put by the government to fight the spread of Coronavirus.

 I am glad most Ugandans have acknowledged his efforts and they’re appreciating him which is very good.

The CSOs should get ashamed and at least donate one to the national Task force. The millions of dollars kept on their accounts should not wait to fund activities of distablising the country in demonstrations and paying off media houses to air out some negative stories against the Government.

I hope Ugandans will take time to see who is available for them at this crucial moment and who really has them on their heart.

I think when they get to know, they will not accept again to be lied to by the heads of NGOs and to be used to involve themselves in chaos. There’s a Common saying in my language I am told it’s also written in the Bible and it   says “Munywani womuntu amukunda omubwire bwona” meaning ” a true friend  of someone should love him all the time.”

 There should not be any moment when the friendship is paused because of any circumstances.

Most African countries which have suffered political instability result from the inciting Political campaign of the civil society. These ones print T-shirts and spread campaign which incites the population until they rise up to overthrow the Government.

 However, the CSOs are not responsible for the aftermath of these events, if the country goes down it’s up to you to build it up again or leave to crumble as other foreign countries which sponsored the uprisings are developing.

It’s time Ugandans understand that the civil society is the platform or stepping stone for some people who are not in the Government to get millions of dollars from abroad and enrich themselves.

These ones do not have any difference between the corrupt Ugandan Government officials who embezzle public funds. They’re all evils that should be fought. The Civil society leaders take advantage of the Political situation in the country to entice Whites for money.

I’ve seen Ugandans go on social media to criticize the churches which have not come out to help the needy by providing them with what to eat. They’ve also criticized the churches which have continued to ask for tithe from the Christians even when they’re home and not working.

But I can bear witness that most of these churches have projects that help the people. For instance most churches have compassion project, others have orphanage, schools, and healthy centers. All these are services to the people funded by the tithe they give on Sundays and I think that accountability is justifiable. However can we trace any services funded by the civil society?

What is funny, and most  annoying at same  time, recently when court ordered for a deletion of some section of the Public order management act most of the Civil society members and Leaders shown up on social media that day to celebrate and welcome that decision.

 Remember this judgment was given when the country was already suffering the Coronavirus pandemic and because this disease was taking over the media their story of the judgment on POMA didn’t have enough space hence suffering a premature death. It was posted by a few people and later it disappeared never to return.

I think the only patriotic thing that the civil society organizations do is to pay taxes and I think they do so because it’s mandatory, without paying them one can’t operate. But if there was a way of dodging these taxes the civil society would dodge those taxes and move ahead with their operations.

Human rights and good Governance which the civil society take as a priority is only important when the people are alive and healthy.

When people are sick and others dying the civil society wouldn’t be getting their attention. It would therefore be wise if the civil society transferred the efforts they apply in politics and backing opposition activities to fight Coronavirus.

 I was reading on the media when one person requested for a cease fire in the country which are suffering wars so that the attention can be put on the fighting Coronavirus. Because being in the bush fighting as people are dying of Corona doesn’t make sense. The world is faced with an enemy that is life threatening and has taken lives of many people.

The youth who are quickly blindfolded by the civil society organizations,  I hope this will  act as a lesson  to you. I hope you will ask yourself one question or two why you should join the demonstrations organized by the civil society. After which pictures and videos are sent to the whites to be impressed and send more dollars. This is same as one using you as a stepping stone to grab fruits and later when he succeeds,   he enjoys as look on helpless.

The watchdog job that the civil society does on our governance should also be done on our health. You do not love me today when I have a party and hate me tomorrow when the party is done that’s hypocrisy.

The writer is a passionate cadre of the Movement and aspiring western youth member of Parliament.


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