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ULC Admits Erroneously Giving Out Kabaka Land To Kyambogo University

ULC Chairperson, Beatrice Nyakaisiki Byenkya

Uganda Land Commission (ULC) has admitted that part of  the disputed Land where Kyambogo University is sitting belongs to Kabaka of Buganda.

ULC says the land was erroneously given out by the former leadership when  Baguma Isoke was ULC Chairperson.

Kyambogo University and Buganda Kingdom are claiming ownership of about 407 acres housing the University’s main campus in Banda, Kampala.

The Ministry of Education is also  claiming 10 acres and Kampala District Land Board 60 acres of the same land.

Today, officials from Uganda Land commission, Kampala District Land Board (KDLB) led by the minister of Lands Housing and Urban Development Beti Olive Namisango Kamya appeared before the Parliaments’ committee on Physical infrastructure chaired by Nakifuma County MP Eng. Robert Kafero Sekitoleko to present a statement on controversial Land claimed by Kyambogo University and Buganda Kingdom.  

The Chairperson Uganda Land Commission, Beatrice Nyakaisiki Byenkya said although the former leadership of the Commission was much aware that Land belonged to Buganda Kingdom, they adamantly decided to give away the Land to several squatters including Kyambogo University.

Byenkya says the Land commission offered a free hold Land to Kyambogo primary school, Kyambogo Collage School, National Curriculum Centre, Uganda Public Nursing School yet this land was part of the mailo land belonging to Buganda Kingdom.

She says the claims by Buganda Kingdom that this land belongs to them is very true, noting that the biggest portion of the land was encroached on by Kyambogo University.

She adds that Nabisunsa Girls school is  the only institution that’s still sitting on the crown Land under the kingdom’s control.

 KDLB chairperson David Balondemu says president Museveni directed that prime ministers’ office resolve this land dispute involving all institutions and give a report to the ministry of Land which they are yet to give.

He says the Land claimed by Buganda Kingdom is not part of the Land supervised by Kampala District Land Board.

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