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Uganda To Host International Atomic Energy Agency Boss

Uganda will host Ambassador Yukia Amano, the Director General (DG) of the International Atomic Energy Agency from 17th to 20th January 2018.

According to Ministry of Enegy and Mineral Development, during his state visit, Ambassador Amano will hold High Level Consulatations with the President of Uganda,  Yoweri Museveni on the Technical Cooperation Programme between the IAEA and Uganda. He will also witness the official commissioning of the New Cobalt 60 Machine at the Uganda Cancer Institute..

“The visit by the IAEA Director General is as a result of the culmination of the good working relationship between Uganda and the IAEA secretariate in Vienna, Austria,” says Energy Ministry in a statement dated Januray16, 2018.

It adds that  the cooperation between Uganda and IAEA is implemented within the Country Programme Framework (CPF).

“This mutual agreement matches nuclear technology to national priorities for sustainable development between Uganda and IAEA on Nuclear Science and Technology,” the Ministry reveals.

The current CPF 2014-2018 focuses on feasibility studies for nuclear power projects, uranium exploration and evaluation, cancer management, food and agriculture, water resources management and strengthening the national nuclear and radiation safety infrastructure

The IAEA supports the country through the provision of specialized equipment, training of staff and provision of expert advise.

The ministry notes that during the period 2014-2018, this cooperation has registered a number of achievements to including support to the development of the nuclear power road map through the feasibility studies in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, supported the restoration of radiotherapy services at  Uganda Cancer Institute and supported the continuation of Nuclear Medicine services  at Mulago Referral Hospital which carries s out specialized disease diagnosis and treatment of thyroid Cancer.

Other achievements include building t capacity of Uganda Bureau of Standards for monitoring food contaminants, building capacity of Atomic Energy Council for regulating the use of atomic Energy in the country and supporting  the establishment of regional centres for animal disease diagnosis in the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries.

“The visit by the DG of IAEA therefore reaffirms Uganda’s commitment to using Nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes in supporting various sectors of government in delivery of services,” Energy Ministry concludes.

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