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Uganda-Rwanda Meeting To Difuse Tensions Postponed Again

The second round of ‘peace talks’ between Uganda and Rwanda has been postponed again to November 18th 2019 as the two East African countries seek to address their differences.

Delegates from both sides were initially supposed to meet in Kampala on October 16, however, that date past without any summit.

When Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni met his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame in Angola’s capital, Luanda and the two leaders signed an MoU agreeing to have delegations from the countries meet to sort out their current friction.

The first meeting was held in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on September 16 and the two parties agreed to meet after 30 days in Kampala. However, this did not happen.

The latest postponement comes on the heels of the killing of two Ugandans on Rwandan territory last weekend.

John Bosco Tuheirwe and Job Ebyarishanga, both residents of Kamwezi Sub-county were shot dead by Rwandan security about 1km away from the Mpororo border post in Kamwezi Sub County on Saturday night for allegedly smuggling tobacco.

According to reports, the meeting was postponed because Angola’s Foreign Affairs minister was not going to make the 13th November date.

Relations between Uganda and Rwanda turned frosty early this year after Rwanda shut its border, accusing Kampala of backing rebels trying to topple President Paul Kagame. Rwanda ordered its nationals not to travel to Uganda and barred imports of Ugandan goods.

Analysts fear an escalation of tensions between both countries could push them to resume proxy wars in the jungles of eastern Congo, further destabilising an already volatile region.

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