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Ssemujju Attacks Museveni For ‘Belittling’ MPs, Urges President To Feed Starving Ugandans

The Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda (pictured) has castigated government over poor distribution of food to vulnerable Ugandans during the COVID-19 lockdown.

While raising a matter of National Importance during today’s plenary sitting, Ssemujju also decried comments by President Yoweri Museveni, depicting MPs as greedy for allocating themselves Shs10bn to fight Coronovirus, saying the President’s comments were aimed at inciting the public against MPs.

He added that  the attack on the House by the President on the money allocated to Parliament for COVID19, where each MP received Shs20Mn is unacceptable and demanded for an apology from the Executive to the August House for what happened last week. 

“Last week, the President addressed the country on COVID-19 and devoted most of the time attacking Parliament and undermining Parliament’s Constitutional responsibility of Appropriation, portraying MPs as thugs, who are greedy, grabbing money at the expense of the population and assigning himself the responsibility to defend them,” he said.

He added:”… by end of 21days, even half of the1.5million people haven’t received food… I have never seen this; that women, older than my mother are kneeling before my gate pleading for 1Kg of posho. Instead of dealing with these issues affecting Ugandans, the Head of State was inciting the public against MPs.”

Ssemujju also castigated the President for failing to list MPs as essential staff, something that had left MPs explaining to Police  officers of whatever rank why they’re leaving their homes to go to Parliament.

 “Why are we being treated like we have no stake in this country? This level of belittling Institutions of states must end. We must not accept it. This Parliament should be able to fight for its right. If I can’t protect myself, how can I protect Parliament?” he added.

It should be recalled that last week, President Museveni joined the beehive of Ugandans to condemn the allocation of Shs10bn to Parliament, describing the decision by MPs as morally reprehensible for MPs to give themselves money for personal use when the country is in such a crisis saying the decision was totally unacceptable to him and the NRM. 

The President said, “They have entered themselves into a trap and the best way out is to donate the money to the districts where they come from. I heard that some MPs went and bought things, you are not a purchasing officer of the state. This is public money, not personal money, if you spent it wrongly you will pay it back with your salary; this will be sorted out by the Auditor-General.”

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