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Speaker Kadaga: Parliament On High Alert Over Ugandans’ Movements To China

The speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has revealed that due to the continued movements of Ugandans to China, Parliament has been put on high alert with Parliament Commission asked to procure sanitizers within Parliament.

Speaker Kadaga made the revelation during today’s plenary sitting and also tasked Government to explain to parliament how far they have gone at sending facilitation to students in Wuhan, china who are said to be stranded without basic necessities.

The Speaker said, “Ugandans still continue to go to China. We are going to facilitate public health by increasing number of santitizers so we mitigate possibility of infections.”

It should be recalled that recently, the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng informed parliament that government was in the process of sending to students stuck in Wuhan China USG60,000 approximately Shs230 million shillings to assist Ugandan students who are stranded in China following the lockdown as a result of an outbreak of the coronavirus.

Bernard Atiku (Ayiivu County) questioned the number being fronted by Government saying that although Government said students stuck in Wuhan were 105, the students claimed to be 74 but even with the 105 listed by Government, only 20 students have received the money.

However, despite the discrepancies in the number of students, Atiku said that although Minister Aceng promised to provide the funds, only 20 students have received the money and the rest have been left to starve to death.

This prompted the speaker to direct that government should update parliament on the matter noting, “The Government should come and explain to us what they have done about government resolutions and whether they have sent the money.”

However, Gaffa Mbwatekawa (Kasambya county) asked the Speaker to prevail over the corona virus situation and ensure the precautionary measures Parliament is taking are extended to public places like schools and religious places so as to mitigate threats of corona virus given its contagiousness.

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