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Coca Cola To Give 1,800 Coolers To Women in Business

Coca Cola Beverages Africa is set to give out over 1800 coolers to women in retail businesses across the country.

Under their 5 by 20 global campaign, the company looks to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million Women entrepreneurs across the company’s value chain by the year 2020.

Speaking during the hand over of coolers to 40 women at Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), Coca cola stall at Lugogo on Thursday,  Flavia Nabaasa, the Director Business Development and Commercialisation said that the activitity is part of the global 5 million women with over  35000 women targeted in Uganda.

“The 5 by 20 campaign was launched in 2010 and our target in Uganda was empowering about 35000 but we have touched 33000 lives in the value chain,” she said.

These include women in recycling among others.

She added that the campaign has helped to transform the lives of millions across the globe and thousands of communities by using the core business model to grow and sustain small businesses.

According to statement released by Coca cola, the system’s outlet universe is composed of small general stores, Dukas (retail shops), small and large grocery stores, local kiosks and large more formal outlets such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

“There approximately 111,000 retail outlets including retailers that sell Rwenzori Mineral Water products. Dukas make up 50% (managed by women) of all outlets in Uganda..,” the statement reads.

The coolers which are estimated from at least sh4 million and above are issued for free and 40% of the beneficiaries are women in major town centres.

Joyce Kizza, a distributor of Coca cola products in Ndeeba for the last 25 years has grown from retail to over sh250 million worth says that she’s been successful due to periodical mentorship from Coca-cola managers over time.

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