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List Of Qualified Coffee Buyers, Exporters In Uganda Revealed

Coffee is a perennial crop. It is one of the most important cash crops in Uganda, playing a major role in the livelihoods of many poor people and is a major foreign exchange earner for the Country. There are two main types of coffee grown in Uganda namely Arabica and Robusta coffee.
The two main harvest seasons in Uganda for both Arabica and Robusta are; March-June and September-November. The main production season for Robusta ranges May-August for Masaka and Western regions and November to February for Central, Eastern regions.

In the case of Arabica, the main seasons are April-June for Western Region and October-February for Eastern and West Nile Regions. In order to avoid unscrupulous coffee dealers, Government has revealed list of qualified coffee buyers and exporters in Uganda;

1 Sasa Coffee Trading (U) Ltd
2 Nsangi Coffee Farmers Association
3 Empire Agricultural Coffee Services
4 Nitubaasa Export Ltd
5 Imara African Coffee Ltd
6 Bio Nile (U) Ltd
7 Kamuli Investments Ltd
8 Gorrilla Summit Coffee Development Ltd
9 Rezlex investment Ltd
10 Lukumbi Agro Ltd
11 Turads Trading (U) Ltd
12 Cisco Petroleum Ltd
13 Uganda Coffee Exporter Centre
14 Powerstrom Uganda Ltd
15 Lwanyaga Coffee Factory Ltd
16 Tata Uganda Ltd
17 Discovery Trading Ltd
18 Bros Coffee (U) Ltd
19 Qualicoff (U) Ltd
20 Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association
21 Kawacom (U) Ltd
22 Ankole Coffee Processors Ltd
23 Ankole Coffee Producers Coop Union Ltd
24 Armajaro Uganda Ltd
25 Bakhita Twase Produce Ltd
26 Bakhsons Trading Co. Ltd
27 Banyankole Kweterana Cooperative Union Ltd
28 Besmark Coffee Company Ltd
29 Bulamu Coffee Buyers, Processors and Export Ltd
30 Bugisu Coop Union Ltd
31 Bukonzo Joint Co-operative Union Ltd
32 Coffee Cup Services
33 Coffee World Ltd
34 Commodity Solutions (U) Ltd
35 El’Cafino Uganda Ltd
36 Export Trading Company (U) Ltd
37 Fairlop Global Commodities Ltd
38 Great Empower East Africa Ltd
39 Great Lakes Coffee Company Ltd
40 Ibero (U) Ltd
41 Ideal Commodities (U) Ltd
42 Ishaka Quality Commodities Ltd
43 Kakindu Coffee Ltd
44 Kamba Petroleum (U) Ltd
45 Kampala Domestic Store Ltd
46 Karazi Coffee Factory Ltd
47 Katuka Development Trust Ltd
48 Kaweri Coffee Plantation Ltd
49 Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Co-operative Ltd
50 Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd
51 LD Commodities (U) Ltd
52 Mbale Imports and Exporters Ltd
53 Nakana Coffee Factory Ltd
54 Nile Highland Arabica Coffee Farmers Association
55 Nilevic Limited
57 Olam Uganda Ltd
58 Pearl Crops Ltd
59 Platinum Commodities (JKR) Ltd
60 Produce and Commodities Ltd
61 Risala (U) Ltd
62 Savannah Commodities Co. Ltd
63 Sena Indo (U) Ltd
64 Shiba World Investments Ltd
65 Superbia International Export Trading Ltd
66 Titan Rosters Ltd
67 Touton Uganda Ltd
68 Trabs-gaz Company Ltd
69 Ugacof Ltd
70 United Organic Coffee Growers Ltd
71 Zigoti Coffee Works Ltd
72 Zinunula Coffee Ltd
73 Nitubasa Limited
74 Ugamazon Coffee Exports Ltd
75 Friends Exim Ltd
76 Cote Plus Limited
77 Klu Uganda Ltd

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    I need weekly information/publication/bulletin on coffee business, coffee growing and coffee market globally.

  2. Mayinja John Bosco

    We have a coffee factory for rent in Kawempe. Its operational. Its just 300 metres from the main road.
    Serious deallers only contact 0704242354.

  3. Am Francis

    A serious buyer for a coffee processing factory is needed.
    The factory is still working and all machines are in good condition.
    Its in Kawempe (Kampala) Bombo Road and is sitted on 1acre

  4. kenneth akandwanaho

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  5. kenneth

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    Am a coffee farmer, I am growing coffee on a large scale. looking for buyers for robusta coffee. Coffee buyers or Exporters are welcome for business. Reach out on – +256 758713 967 / +256 705783476 whatsap or call.
    Looking forward to a good business relationship.

  7. Mohamed Anayeni

    I want to make business with farmer growing arabica coffee.
    Please contact me WhatsApp @ +21698963124

  8. Muthaghanzwa sanairi

    Any buyer willing to buy kasese coffee is welcome and here to coordinate with the farmers

  9. Mwesigwa Jaffar

    I need a coffee export dealer to be in business partnership/dealership. +256751635242

  10. Kigozi Daniel

    I deal in coffee markets, contact me please 0706170272

    • Mugabe Gerald

      Am acoffee buyer and processor
      in kyegegwa looking for companies that buy coffee with good price and working with agriculture cluster development project (ACDP) with around 100 coffee farmer groups.Any company or organisation interested call me 0774598165/0752598165

    • Peter

      Looking for sb ml and mh coffee 100bag for roasting

  11. Atukwatse Gaston

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    • Yiga Johnbosco

      How much is akg

    • I represent a south African based company that sources international coffee buyers mainly from Europe and connects them with local (mainly African) coffee exporters. Those seeking international market for their good quality coffee are welcome to contact me via ±256772623067 and ±256706323067 and for a productive discussion.


        Hello, my name is Denis. Am a coffee farmer, buyer and seller based in Masaka Region of Uganda. I come from a strongly coffee based dealing family and i have been in the business for over 15 years. I have the capacity to provide 100 tonnes of coffee every week. I am connected to farmers and coffee dealers from major coffee regions of Uganda that’s Kasese, Mbarara, Greater Masaka, Luwero, Busoga, Mityana, Etc… I am looking for an exporting company to supply coffee on a contract or as a buying agent. I can properly buy for a company through advance and on time. I will be grateful if a serious company, group or individual contacts me on +256708774330 or WhatsApp +256771211218 for serious business.

  13. Kizito martin

    Am mobilizing farmers to grow coffee and make it as a business, which company can I partner with that can take our coffee in bulk at better prices.

  14. Kuteesa Charles

    Hello,I want to know where I can sell my coffee or who can buy my coffee, i will be grateful when my request is responded to

  15. Kuteesa Charles

    Where can I sell my coffee ?I need help,I just want to know where or who can buy my coffee?I will be grateful if you connect me.thank you

    • yusuf

      We are interested in buying full production of your coffee on regular basis. Kindly send us the details of your produced quality and quantity.

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  16. Esther karungi

    Hello Goodmorning, i am looking for coffee market of 147 kgs dried. am in Fort portal. PLEASE RESPOND SOON.

    • Muhangi James

      Can the coffee traders offer loans to farmers over a period of time replacing banks? This would help farmers pay back during the season.

  17. Robert Aloysius Ekaal

    Hello,I would want to become a coffee dealer ,so where can I get the best training from? .

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