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How Farmers Can Access, Manage Tractors Provided By Government

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) identified promotion of agricultural mechanization as a strategic intervention area towards improving productivity and profitability of strategic commodity value chains.
In order to ensure effective and sustainable utilization of the tractors and implements to farming communities across the country, there is need for operational guidelines. Accordingly, operational guidelines for equitable access and effective management of tractors provided by the Government have been developed.


1. Commodity Value Chain Approach
2. Ownership and Stewardship
3. Demand Driven
4. Beneficiary Co-investment
5. Equity and social inclusion
6. Capacity Building
• Existing and active Farmer Organizations (FOs)
• Farmer groups (associations or cooperatives) whose registration is at least up to district level
• Total combined acreage available for production by the benefiting farmer organization should not be less than 50 acres
• Proof/evidence that the group has been in operations and guided by the laws that govern the operations of such associations/groups (e.g cooperative society bye-laws
• The Farmer Organization/ group should have a minimum of 20 members
• A truck record of proper leadership structure and management of group assets and finances
• The group should avail a competitive bankable business/tractor hire service plan
• Commitment to use only qualified, certified and licensed tractor operators/technicians.


– The beneficiaries will be fully responsible for the operations, maintenance and repairs (both minor and major) of the tractor and implements.
 The tractor management committee shall come up with terms of reference for deployment and payment for the services

– The beneficiary, acting through a tractor management committee, shall be responsible for the safe keeping the tractor and its implements

-The tractor operator should carryout daily routine checks, inspection and cleaning of the whole tractor and its implements and inform the tractor management committee on the need for routine fuelling, oils, and repairs where necessary

– Routine maintenance and service should be done as per the manufacturer`s recommended schedule and manuals
 -All forms of service and repairs shall be carried out by qualified and approved personnel or agents/dealers, replacement of parts should be acquired from authorized dealers
 -For the period under warrantee, the supplies or agents of suppliers of tractors will carry out the routine tractor service depending on the terms of the contract for the particular supply lot (s)
– The equipment supplier/dealer will provide after sales networks to support all supplied equipment in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Credit: Office of Agriculture Minister

One thought on “How Farmers Can Access, Manage Tractors Provided By Government

  1. Mwesige Peter

    Government should as well introduce Agricultural loans targeting individual farmers willing to mechanize farming operations on their own i.e those not in groups. Beyond cultivation, a tractor on the farm has numerous other uses. It would therefore be very ideal for every farmer to own his personal machine

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