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‘Some Police Officers, LDUs Have Gone For Two Years Without Pay’

Some police officers have gone for two years without pay, Mukono South MP, Muyanja Senyonga has claimed.

He has asked Parliament to intervene into Government’s failure to pay the said officers.

Senyonga made the plea during yesterday’s plenary sitting where he revealed that there are police officers who have not been on the pay roll for two years and even though the Minister of Finance promised to intervene in the matter, nothing has been done to avert the plight of these officers 

Muyanja said that he knows of a Police Officer, attached as body guard to one of the VIPs that has not been paid for the last 18 months and many of the affected officers allege that once your name has been deleted on the list of the people to be paid it takes time to have it back.

Speaker Kadaga asked MP Muyanja to try and find the total list of the affected officers to enable Parliament to demand for explanations from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

 Aruu County MP, Odonga Otto also raised concern over the lack of payment  of both Salary and allowance  to the Uganda Police , Local Defence Unit (LDUs) and other officers in Uniform, informing Parliament that the aggrieved officers have been directed not to demand for allowances except for meals. 

“Out of the Shs504bn we passed for security, all the Police officers, LDUs and all the military police under deployment are on normal deployment, they aren’t getting any Allowances. They are just being given posho and un-fried beans and they have been ordered not to ask for any money, yet this Parliament appropriated money to cater for our gallant officers Manning those road blocks,” Odonga said.

Parliament appropriated to the Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs Shs 58.36Bn to cater for Wage shortfalls for LDUs recruited in FY 2018/19 during the recently approved Shs900Bn Supplementary budget.

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