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Six MUK Students Accuse Lecturer Of Sexual Harassment

A report into sex for marks and sexual harassment scandal at Makerere University has implicated a lecturer for unprofessional conduct.

Six of the eight female students interviewed by the Committee that investigated the scandal implicate Brian Musaga, a former Assistant Lecturer in the College of Business and Management Studies- CoBAMS for sexual harassment.

The lecturer is battling similar accusations in court. A copy of the July 25th 2016 report shows that, the lecturer would work until late in the night and weekends where he would invite female students to his office number A22 in the School of Statistics and Planning (SSP) and make sexual advances.

“All students’ testimonies consistently indicated that Musaga worked very late hours which was further confirmed by the security guards and custodians,” reads the report. It notes that once at his office, Musaga would psychologically torture the female students and reprimand them for being there illegally before arousing them sexually to succumb to his advances.

The information that was compiled from students written submissions and oral testimonies was found to be consistent, according to the report. “The committee noted several similarities in the testimonies regarding the modus operandi used by Musaga to sexually harass students. The committee noted that the testimonies from independent students could only be similar if they were pointing to the same thing- the truth,” reads the report.

Adding that; “the contrary would hold only if the students had been coached on what to say, but the committee did not get evidence to this effect.” During the investigations, the Committee invited Musaga to present his defense to the allegations by the students in vain, saying he would only show with his lawyer. The report notes that when Musaga finally appeared with his lawyer he threatened to sue the University for Defamation.

Only of the all the staff from the college who interfaced with the committee indicated that they had heard claims from students implicating Musaga for sexually harassing him but they didn’t present any specific evidence. The committee noted that although rumors cannot be relied on to discipline a staff member, persistent and consistent rumors were basis for investigations.


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