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Suubula Marketplace Rebrands With New Products & Game-Changing Multi-Vendor System

Suubula Stores SMC (, one of Uganda’s leading marketplace, has unveiled its new e-commerce website following a 3-months rebranding process.

The site gives the public an amazing shopping experience with local products such as arts and craft, books, foodstuffs, garments, beverages, home use supplies and electronics being prioritized.

Shoppers will be able to use Suubula’s modern messaging platform to engage vendors for best prices of merchandise from the brands they crave. also provides a multi-vendor platform for a trader, manufacturer, creator of a product or service provider to list unlimited products or services in one store and sell them to millions of customers.

Opening a shop on Suubula is free of charge. With advanced service, you can use your internet-connected mobile phone to create an admin panel where you can add products, process orders, enter store data, monitor your sales and manage transactions.

“This means a boutique owner, painter, wholesaler, beautician or gym instructor can create a store on to sell their products/services,” said the marketplace’s Chief Executive Officer, Camble Hope.

“For unemployed youth who can bake or pack honey or run a garden of rose flowers can list their products in a store and sell to millions of customers online,” he added.

An assured market of products is expected to encourage Ugandan youth to be creative, engage in value addition and create their own jobs hence reducing high levels of unemployment in Uganda.

Camble emphasized that a more productive population would lead to an expanded tax base and a higher purchasing power thus boosting industrialization and export revenues. is hosted by Shopify, an internationally reputable e-commerce platform, giving product creators more visibility and better ecommerce tools to sell their merchandise. is partnering with professional logistics firms to deliver purchased products from its store in Ntinda Kampala for distribution across Uganda and later East Africa.

“By ordering most of your products online, you avoid unnecessary traffic jam and wastage of fuel and other resources. We are empowering Ugandans to Live and Trade Smart,” said Camble., according to customer care officer, Simon Otoi, will have a 24-hour helpline to provide ample support to customers and vendors.

“This new site offer customers the extraordinary ability to shop through fun, interactive features and curations,”  said King Rory, the chief technical officer at Suubula.

“We will continue developing the system and adding new products to meet the growing needs of our customers,” said Rory. targets to sell at least one million products per month, giving product creators vast revenue streams.

Some of partners is partnering with include Fine Spinners, a local garment manufacturer, Coca Cola, Long Horn (publishers), Africa Queen, Nexus Lounge, Zenith (distributors of household items) among others. More partnerships are being sealed with top local and international online and traditional media houses to pop

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