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Shocking New Revelations On CAA Job Dossier Leak

Fresh details have emerged on the whistle-blower who petitioned several offices protesting the ongoing process to recruit the Company Secretary (SC) for Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA). Among those petitioned is the IGG, the President through the PPS, DG ISO and Head CMI. The 6-page dossier is primarily addressed to Works Minister Eng Monica Azuba Ntege whose office received it on Tuesday 24th September.

In the dossier, the whistle blower introduces himself as an aggrieved Board member who participated in the interviews the Board conducted on the job applicants during the 31st July 2019 session at Mestil Hotel in Kampala Nsambya.

Calling on Azuba to prevail and reject the entire process, the whistle blower enumerates the three finalists whose names were sent to ISO for final security vetting which is the very final stage preceding the formal appointment by the Minister who is Eng. Azuba in this case.
These are UNBS’ CS Hellen Wenene, State House’s Bashir Kalenge and Senior UNRA lawyer William Tumwine.

The whistle blower claimed that Tumwine sanctioned Shs 3bn payment to alleged PAPs for which the UNRA Board sanctioned him for usurping ED Allen Kagina’s powers.

That the UNRA Board investigations established that Tumwine had usurped powers of Kagina who was absent from work and sanctioned the payment of Shs3bn which was later discovered to be curiously too high. That he was also found to be too rich.

That the UNRA investigations were conducted by Beata Chelimo who heads Investigations & Compliance Department at UNRA. That by the time Kagina intervened and halted the payment, 10% or Shs300m had already been controversially paid out after the Director Internal Audit was manipulated with false information which he later regretted.

New details

It has now emerged that Tumwine was cleared of the allegations by the UNRA Board at its sitting in 2017.

The Board was chaired by Fred Omach.

The Board observed that William Tumwine had been authorised to act on the compensation.

They ruled that there was evidence to conclude that Tumwine was within his mandate and had authority. He did not usurp powers of any one.

The written instructions in the together with the requests from the user Department of Land Acquisition and the Executive Director‘s ‘No Objection’ well indicated that William acted with instructions. The Board also found that Tumwine was the acting Director Legal Services during the period in addition to specific written instructions to handle the matter.

On riches, this website has established that an investigation was carried out and nothing pinned Tumwine on Corruption and Abuse of Office.

The Board ordered that the termination of Tumwine be rescinded and he be be reinstated in his former office.

On the alleged best Candidate, Tumwine having a bad working relationship with his Superiors, it has emerged that there is no evidence to point to this and on the contrary, workmates say his mature and non-confrontational approach to matters has enabled him work well with all staff even after reinstatement in 2017.

In a related development, it has emerged that the Whistle-blower is not part of the CAA Board, but an aggrieved party who participated in the exercise.
Details indicate that this same whistle-blower had previously lodged the same complaint to the Ministry of Works but was ignored since the dossier lacked merit.

For instance the Whistle-blower had accused the Board of only forwarding three candidates to the Minister instead of four.
This, according to insiders farmiliar with the workings of government, is a broad practice for the Board to send three names from which the Minister selects one person.

According to CCA Act (clause 9) of the Schedule on Procedure and Meetings of the Board, the Board determines its own procedure.

This website is still following developments of this story.

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