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Russian Fertiliser Offered For Free To Africa

Offered to African for free.
Uralchem, a Russian manufacturer of mineral and potash fertilizers, has announced plans to offer free distribution of its fertiliser in Africa.

Dmitry Konyaev, the chief executive of Uralchem, revealed the plans on Monday, citing the continent’s severe food shortage.

“The situation in the world today is really bad. Africa has been starving and will continue to starve, unfortunately. We, as a company, even decided to supply fertilizers to Africa for free, just because we are part of this global chain when you need to produce food,” Konyaev was quoted by RT.

The first shipment of 25,000 tons of humanitarian aid may be delivered to the Republic of Togo, according to Russia Times.

Russia has no issues with food security, according to the CEO of Uralchem, because it has access to plenty of fertilizers and can export a sizeable amount of them.

Russian fertilizers that have accumulated in EU ports as a result of Western sanctions will be given away free of charge to developing nations, according to President Vladimir Putin, who made the announcement at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit earlier this month.

While Putin welcomed the decision to allow Russian fertilizers into the EU, he chastised Brussels for restricting purchases to the bloc’s member states.

At UN-mediated talks in Istanbul in late July, Moscow and Kiev agreed to unblock Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea.

The agreement was also supposed to allow Russia to deliver fertilizers and food goods to global markets, but the Kremlin claims that this has not occurred.

Source: Citizen Digital.

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