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UPDF Marines Urged To Respect, Honour ‘Wanainchi’

The Chief of Staff Land Forces, Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda has told UPDF Marine graduates to honor and respect the Men and Women who sacrificed to have peace in Uganda by guarding all achievements with utmost discipline and hard work.

A total of 62 trainees,05 Officers and 57 Other ranks graduated after completing their Maritime Basic induction (MBIC) 6 months course on Friday.

The Aim of the Maritime Basic Induction course is to impart skills to students on how to save lives of wanainchi in times of emergencies on water, to test and ascertain the trainees’ capabilities in conducting maritime operations effectively.

Soldiers who achieve competency at this course should pose little threat to themselves or the unit during most operations in and around water.

The objectives of the MBIC is for the trainees to demonstrate their competencies in the application of different swimming strokes, to demonstrate their capabilities in conducting fisheries, Law enforcement operations, to demonstrate their marksmanship skills, to demonstrate how to use camouflage and concealment on water, among others.

The Chief of staff Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda,who was also the chief guest at the closing ceremony further congratulated the newly passed out Marine soldiers upon successful completion of the course and reminded them to enhance interpersonal relationships at national and international levels so that they don’t forget where they came from, where they are and where they are going.

Maj Gen Kyanda noted that Marines have a long history of developing expeditionary doctrines and innovations and they set the example while leading other countries in muilt-national military operations.

The unique capabilities and leadership qualities make the marines our nations first line of defense. He further said that’s what sets the marines apart from anyother fighting force on the globe besides how they are trained, the equipments they use and their tactics. Its something much more, its the fighting spirit that lives within every marine and drives them to accept nothing less than victory in all situation.

He also said every society has a specific way of doing things, noting that UPDF’s way of life is built on focused and Knowledgeable leadership, the maintenance of conscious discipline, patriotism, Pan-Africanism and good fighters.

He added that because of the forgetful nature of humans, there is need to continuously remind ourselves of the pillars of NRA/ UPDF, thus explaining the need for the ideological clarity course.
“Do not get tired of repeating things that score,” Maj Gen Kyanda told UPDF Marine graduates, adding that Uganda was once described by Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa because of its best climate, fresh water, green cover, fertile soils and welcoming people.

The COS later gave out awards to the best performing students , with best over all student being Capt Samuel Ogwang, best in the academic was Pte Awai Innocent, best in swimming Pte Kavuma Philip, best improved Pte Mugisha Victor, while the best in discipline was course senior Capt W.K Rwamburu.

The Commandant of the training school Lt Col E.R Kugumisiriza commended the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, for his efforts and initiatives in supporting all military training programmes. He asked the UPDF leadership to promote locally trained instructors emerging from training and experiences gained from other countries’ exposure like the United States of America, Egypt to cut the cost of training.

He also thanked the SFC for the support given to them during the training, the CTR for continued logistical and financial support rendered to us and CO FPU for the relentless reinforcement towards the success of the course, the local Authorities for the continuity of good hospitality and neighborhood they showed that enhanced the smooth running of the course.

The Commandant of the school said the course was so demanding but achievable. He added that out of 61 trainees 58 successfully completed a six[06] months training course that commenced on 27th of August 2018. He expressed gratitude and acknowledgement for the strenous effort the trainees exhibited, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of there dreams” said the Commandant. He urged the trainees to live a healthy life and protect themselves from self-exposed ailments such as the HIV/AIDS scourge.

He argued the trainees to always see themselves as good Ambassadors because that is what they are.
For the six months course the fresh graduants attained lectures in; Military Law, small boat handling, International maritime organization, swimming, political Education, Navigation, Intelligence, Communication, International Humanitarian Law among others.

The LC V Chairman Mrs Juliet Namubiru also thanked the trainees for their zeal to pursue such a rigorous military training course with determination to provide for the defense of their country.

The function was attended by among others all UPDF Marine Battalion Commandants, UPDF Chiefs, Men and directors. Also in attendance were the parents of the students.

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