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Rifaly Launch In Uganda Ignites Groundbreaking Transformation In African E-Publishing & Storytelling

Arthur Mukembo (Left), Future Lab Studio Lead, Innovation Village, Frank Muthusi (2nd Left), Chairman Uganda Advertising Association and Kevin Kaija (Centre), Senior Product Manager (Afro-mobile), Chief Content Officer Next Media Services at the launch of Rifaly

Smart Foundry, a Venture studio in Africa, in collaboration with leading organizations, has launched the Rifaly platform in Uganda, heralding a groundbreaking shift in the African e-publishing landscape and sparking a revolution in the future of African storytelling with innovation and inclusivity.

The electrifying event took place on August 9th, 2023, at The Innovation Village in Ntinda, Kampala, attracting key stakeholders from the content creation, media, technology, research, financial sectors, corporate organizations, and innovators who eagerly gathered to witness the dawn of a new era for African storytellers.

The launch event was a celebration of African creativity and technological advancements, centering around the theme “Disruption in E-Publishing Industry” where key stakeholders engaged in a dynamic dialogue, exploring the future of E-publishing, the transformative power of digitalization, and its profound impact on African narratives with deliberate conversations shaped around the adoption of digital initiatives in media, art, storytelling, and innovation, propelling  Africa towards a new era of digital expression.

Driven by the rapid evolution of digital technology, Africa’s rich tapestry of diverse cultures and untold stories offers boundless potential to reshape the global creative narrative. In response to this burgeoning opportunity, Rifaly, the brainchild of Smart Foundry, a Tanzanian-based startup, emerges as a pioneering platform. At its core, Rifaly bridges the gap between content creators and their audiences, unlocking the limitless potential of African storytelling and propelling the media industry into an era of unparalleled growth and innovation.

“Rifaly was born out of a vision to empower African content creators, preserve culture, and celebrate the richness of storytelling,” declared Johannes Julius Lutainulwa, Director of Business Development at Smart Foundry Limited. Today, we embark on yet another journey in Uganda to unite cultures and bridge borders and gaps in e-publishing and through our flagship product Rifaly, which we refer to as the “ Amazon for African Content”. The platform not only showcases Africa’s diverse narratives but also collaborates with all media and storytellers with viable literature to amplify their voices on a global scale. This  launch event serves as an invitation for all media to join the Rifaly platform and embrace the collaborative  mission to amplify the voices of African storytellers. Leveraging partnerships and collaboration, Rifaly aims to create a vibrant ecosystem where creativity thrives, stories are shared, and cultural heritage is celebrated.” he concluded.

“Innovation Village is proud to be part of this groundbreaking initiative that drives transformative change in Africa’s media and publishing industry” emphasized Arthur Mukembo, Future Lab Lead at Innovation Village. This is a testament to the power of technology in unlocking the immense potential of African content and how we can use data and the learnings from the platform to be a driving force of influence for the ecosystem to disrupt in digital perspectives.

Also speaking at the launch, Frank Muthusi, the chairman for Uganda Advertising Association said that, “The e-publishing industry has experienced an unprecedented disruption on a global scale, and Africa, with its diverse cultures and untapped storytelling potential. When platforms like Rifaly are at the forefront of this transformation, the publishing industry will emerge as a dynamic solution that connects African content creators with worldwide audiences, enabling cultural exchange, fostering creativity, and empowering local literature. Let’s embrace the hard work of content creators as we embrace cutting-edge technology to connect and amplify voices globally and mark a turning point in the future of E-publishing ”.

As Rifaly ignites the spark of change in the African e-publishing landscape, it promises to redefine how content is created, distributed, and consumed. By providing a platform that embraces cultural diversity and encourages collaboration, Rifaly facilitates seamless connections between content creators, readers, and listeners worldwide. This innovative platform fosters cultural exchange, enriches knowledge sharing, and opens new horizons for African and Ugandan publishers.

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