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REVEALED: How Amama Survives Off Politics

Details have emerged of how former Presidential candidate, Premier and Secretary General of the country’s ruling National Reistance Movement (NRM) party, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi is settling in a life out of the hustle and bustle of politics.

A close family source intimated to us that the former ‘Super Minister’ appears to have taken President Yoweri Museveni’s message on earning a livelihood from agriculture and is heavily involved in the business.

“He is into farming; he grows passion fruits and does  livestock farming in order to settle into the ordinary life he has been absent from,” our source revealed.

Pictures have previously leaked of him in a farm of goats.

Amama in one of his farms

Amama served in the Museveni government since 1986 in various capacities, beginning as Director General of ESO (1986-1992). He held three major ministerial posts as Minister of Security (2006-2011), Minister of Defence (2001-2006) and Attorney General (2004-2005), holding the latter two positions at the same time and earning him the epithet “Super Minister”. He also served as the Member of Parliament for Kinkizi West, a position he occupied since 1996.

Last year, he gave the presidency a shot but was defeated by his former boss, forcing him out of politics though there are reports that he could make a comeback.

Our source also revealed that the former premier has since rented out the buildings that housed the Go Forward offices during the presidential camapigns to the International Organisation of Migration (IOM).

“Since he is no longer running the show in government, he realised the need to expand his income base and I think that’s why he decided to rent out the premises,” the source added.

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