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NUP Mobilizes Shs80M To Return Stranded Ugandans In UAE

Lewis Rubongoya, the NUP Secretary General

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has reportedly mobilized Shs80M to be used for the repatriation of Ugandans stranded in Dubai and United Arab Emirates (UAE) at large following their botched efforts to seek employment abroad.

The revelation was made by Lewis Rubongoya, the NUP Secretary General, who said that since the launch of the campaign to return stranded Ugandans recently, 72 stranded Ugandans have been returned and the money contributed includes Shs34m that was raised from MPs subscribing to both NUP and Democratic Party.

“These include people whom we have received at the Secretariat but also those who have come in stealthily for fear of being abducted from the airport. Whenever these people come, they reach the airport and they are immediately hijacked by security operatives who warn them not to be seen anywhere near NUP offices,” Rubongoya claims.

While addressing journalists at Parliament, Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga said that the actions done by NUP should be understood in the framework of humanity not politics and called on Government to carry out their sense of duty and responsibility, go out of their way, stop their inept conduct and return the stranded Ugandans.

“It isn’t their crime that they have been paying taxes to a regime for more than 5years that can’t create jobs, it isn’t their problem that they were born Ugandans to a regime that is greedy. But most importantly that government plays its duty to return them home. Elsewhere where there are responsible citizens this shouldn’t have been a debate in the first place, it should have been done long time ago,” Mpuuga said.

Responding to queries on what would be the lasting solution to end plight of Ugandans who go abroad to seek for employment, yet at the same time there are others flying out, Mpuuga called for a review in planning for resource allocation to address the 80% unemployment amongst graduates.

“It is the net outcome of 34years of  misallocating resources. Our sense of planning as a country has a lot of questions and gaps. The regime is investing in survival not in citizens. The way our education has gone to the dogs and how the entire government system has gone to sleep. I can never be part of the government to do this investment to its citizens,” said Mpuuga.

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