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Parliament Directs Internal Affairs Minister To Release List Of Kidnapped Ugandans

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has tasked the Minister of Internal Affairs, Jeje Odongo (pictured) to present to Parliament a list of all Ugandans kidnapped by security agencies, saying the continued refusal to make public the list is a violation of rights of all the kidnapped suspects.

“The Minister of Internal Affairs is directed to come here tomorrow (Thursday) and present the full list of all those in custody, whether under UPDF or Police, they should all be presented here and this is a question of violation of human rights, it takes priority over other businesses, therefore we want that list here tomorrow,” said Kadaga.  

The Speaker’s directive followed a concern raised by Latiff Ssebagala (Kawempe North) who urged the  Speaker to rein over security agencies that have failed to fulfill the presidential directive to publish the list of all Ugandans that have been kidnapped over suspicions of being supporters of former Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi.

 “On 13th February 2021, the President addressed the country about missing Ugandans and he said he doesn’t want to hear word disappearing. He assured Ugandans that a list of all missing Ugandans is going to be released. Up to now we haven’t seen any list released yet the president owned that all. Could you intervene and ask the Minister of Defense to present the list of all missing Ugandans so the relatives me,” Ssebagala said.

Adolf Mwesige, Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs distanced himself on knowledge about the list stating that all security agencies handed over to Police that will take charge of publishing the list.

 “To the best of my knowledge all security agencies have complied by handing over the list of all people arrested to police and the minister of internal affairs is in better position to address the house and release the list,” Minister Mwesige said.

However, Ssebagala rejected the Minister’s explanation saying no security agency has made public the list of their kidnap victims.

Joseph Ssewungu (Kalungu East) insisted on having the Minister of Defense present the list that was generated from UPDF as Parliament awaits the list from other security agencies.

However First Deputy Prime Minister, Moses Ali committed to ask the Minister of Internal Affairs to present the list, but told off Parliament not to dish out directives to Ministry of Defense.

 “Tomorrow we shall ask internal affairs to bring whatever he has but not directing Ministry of Defense, this isn’t how to run government,” he said.

Ssewungu fired back, lashing out at the Prime Minister for trying to threaten Parliament saying the matter at hand involves violation of human rights of the kidnapped Ugandans.

While issuing her directive, Kadaga said the kidnaps are a violation of human rights and directed the Minister of Internal Affairs to present the list before Parliament on Thursday.

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