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No Salary Increment For Museveni As Gov’t Announces New Salary Enhancements

President Yoweri Museveni will continue earning Shs3.6m per month, bringing his annual income to Shs43.2m, the newly announced salary structures of public servants by the Ministry of Public Services indicate.

The State Minister for Public Service, David Karubanga and the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire     tabled the list of proposed 30% salary enhancement of all public servants for the financial year 2019/20 before the Parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Local Government on Thursday.

The list is meant to harmonise the pay gap that has dogged public service.

Although Museveni will continue earning Shs3.6M, the future projections indicate that if Museveni continues holding onto power longer, he will likely receive Shs30M monthly based on future salary projections.

It is worth noting that President Museveni was quoted in January 2017 saying  that he is not a servant or an employee of anybody, but a person who fights for himself and his beliefs.

“I am not an employee. I hear some people saying that I am their servant; I am not a servant of anybody. I am a freedom fighter; that is why I do what I do. I don’t do it because I am your servant; I am not your servant. I am just a freedom fighter; I am fighting for myself, for my belief; that’s how I come in. If anybody thinks you gave me a job, he is deceiving himself. I am just a freedom fighter whom you thought could help you also,” Museveni was quoted in Daily Monitor in Masindi Town while presiding over NRA/M Day celebrations to mark his 31 years in power.

His remarks were in response to demands by teachers and health workers to have their salaries increased with the President warning the two groups from being money-minded and scouting for jobs.

“For us we stay in grass-thatched houses and work. Lack of good accommodation is an employee mentality, personally I am not an employee…,” Museveni said.

The Vice President will also continue earning Shs11.18M, meaning that Edward Ssekandi will have his annual income retained at Shs134.16m, with future projections indicating that the salary of the Vice President would hit the Shs27.4M per month in the future.

The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers and State Ministers are to continue earning Shs11.18m per month, with future projections in this category set to range between Shs17.4M-Shs25M monthly.

The Senior Presidential Advisor is to earn Shs2.880M from the Shs2.382M, while Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) will have their salary increased from Shs2.293M to Shs2.880M while Deputy RDCs will earn Shs2.1M, up from Shs1.282M.

The Director of Public Prosecution had his salary increased from Shs5.570M to Shs15M while Principal State Attorney’s salaries will run from shs2.9M to Shs3M, Senior State Attorney will continue earning Shs2M and state Attorney will earn Shs1.7M they have been earning.

Primary head teachers to earn Shs1m

In the education sector, Secondary Head Teachers are going to have their salary increased from Shs1.69m to Shs3M with further projections indicating that these will walk away with Shs10M monthly in the near future.

Deputy Head teachers are going to be paid Shs2.220M from the Shs1.550M. Their counterparts in primary schools will also smile to the banks with head teachers set to earn Shs1.050M from Shs814,011 while the deputy Head teachers aren’t going to receive any increment.

Bitarakwate said this salary review among head teachers came after parliament complained of a gap between the arts and science teachers.

In the Judiciary, the Chief Justice will receive Shs20M, his deputy Shs19M while justices of the Supreme Court are set to receive Shs18.2M, Principal Judge Shs17.9M, while the 12 court of Appeal Justices will walk away with Shs17.6M.

The Accountant General who has been earning Shs3.419M is going to earn Shs5.4M and the same increment will be witnessed by Deputy Secretary to Treasury who was unlucky not to witness any increment yet the Secretary to Treasury had his salary increased from Shs3M to Shs15M in 2016.

The Commissioners are set to receive Shs3.6M up from the Shs2.3M they have been receiving.

The Police Force hasn’t been left out in the salary bonanza with the Sergeants set to earn Shs540,587 from the Shs440,587 they have been earning.

On the other hand, District chairperson to earn Shs2.8M from Shs2.3 million and deputy is to get 2.1 m from Shs1.1m, district speaker will bag Shs1 million as municipal mayors will continue earning Shs1.1 million and sub county chairpersons to get Shs500,000.

3 thoughts on “No Salary Increment For Museveni As Gov’t Announces New Salary Enhancements

  1. Owoyesigire Ronald

    Salary increment is good, but there is still a big gap btn low earners and highly paid servant.

  2. siwa issa

    the increase is good but it should also increase the output.

  3. Isaac

    Government should look up to ordinary district and sub county councilors. At least an increment of 200k on top of 250000

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