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Nile Breweries Outs Premium Stout

After developing the great success brands Nile Special, Club and Eagle, Nile Breweries has now created the first Premium Ugandan Stout.

Nile Special Stout is brewed with the finest Ugandan Malts and Roasted Barley. It is brewed at the Source of the river Nile. The liquid is beautifully dark and has a truly satisfying rich taste with a long lingering but surprisingly clean after taste.

Brew master, Moses Musisi is the brains behind the stout.

“We have tremendous confidence in Moses’ brewing skills; he is definition of a true craftsman, so when he expressed his wish to do something truly remarkable and create something that will be of value for the country, we quickly agreed to move ahead with the project. It is fantastic to see that after many months of crafting the liquid he got it absolutely right,” said Thomas Kamphuis, Country Director, Nile Breweries Ltd.

“In my view this is the legacy every brewer wants to leave,” he added.  Nile Special Stout will be for sale to consumers from 29th November.

“As it is a black beer, launching on Black Friday is giving the launch a nice touch. We have a great consumer launch planned at Kyadondo Rugby Club where consumers can experience this great beer while we kick off the new rugby season,” Amou Majok, Nile Breweries Marketing Head said.

L-R: NBL chief Brewer and creator of the beer Moses Musisi, NBL Country Director Thomas Kamphuis and the Nile Special Brand Manager Francis Nyende during the launch

“As one of Uganda’s most iconic companies and the undisputed leader of the beer industry with 57.7% market share. We remain committed to brewing great-tasting, high-quality beers that have satisfied beer drinkers for generations. We are proud that 100% of our beers are made in Uganda,” she added.

When asked about the ‘Hack’ she commented “In a world where attention is scarce, we needed to use a stunt that was ‘bold and strong’ to get the attention we believe this beer deserves. The campaign truly shows the power of social media and we have been blown away by how quickly it was picked up and the amount of attention it got.”

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