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New Multi-Million Lottery Game Launched, You Can Win 10m Every 10 Minutes

Supa 3 is a new game designed to combine the gratification of a quick win with the excitement of a life changing jackpot. Supa 3 offers the convenience and ease of mobile entry with draws every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day.


To play Supa 3, all you need to do is pick three lucky numbers between 0 and 9 and enter them in as your payment reference in your mobile money application. These three lucky numbers will be instantly entered into the next draw, with users getting a free bonus entry into the weekly Supa Jackpot which starts at UGX.50M.


Explaining how they came up with the idea of using three numbers, spokesperson for Supa 3, Jamal Sultan said, “we are constantly surrounded by numbers, be it your birthday, your anniversary, the shirt of your favorite football players… whatever they are, we all have at least 3 lucky numbers, so imagine how cool it would be to put those numbers to work and win millions.”


“Supa3 has already been launched in Tanzania” Sultan continued “and it’s now the biggest game in the country. The Tanzanian version averages 35,000 winners every single day which equates to one winner every 20 seconds. Weekly jackpots keep setting new records and on July 15th one lucky winner walked away with a record breaking Tzs300million (which is a whopping UGX480million). We are really excited about bringing these lifechanging jackpots to Uganda”


Apart from breaking the record for largest ever jackpot paid out in Tanzania, three times, Supa 3’s Tanzanian counterparts have given out over $1,000,000 in good causes. This CSR approach will also feature heavily for Supa 3 in Uganda.


You can bet from as little as UGX.1000/- up to 50,000/-, and so stand a chance to win up to 10 million every 10 minutes; all this is through simple use of a mobile money account allowing users to play and get their winnings paid instantly into their mobile money account.


What makes the game even more exciting is that every entry into the 10-minute draws gets a corresponding free entry into the weekly Supa Jackpot Draw which offers the chance to become a multimillionaire. Supa 3 players qualify for one entry into the Jackpot for every UGX. 1,000 they bet. Every Supa 3 ticket comes with a unique code consisting of 6 letters of the alphabet which comprise the entry into the Jackpot draw. If you bet say UGX. 3,000 then your letters are entered into the draw 3 times improving your chances of winning.


Supa 3 draws are carried out by a representative of the Ugandan Gaming Board using a Random Number Generator that has been tested and certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). GLI is a global leader in the provision of testing and certification services to 65 of the world’s leading lotteries and is trusted by regulators in more the 475 jurisdictions worldwide. As a matter of policy and transparency every single winning Supa 3 entry is published on the Supa 3 website (


The Jackpot alphabet draw is held live on NTV and Bukedde TV every Sunday at 9.40pm in an exciting new show hosted by Brian Mulondo and Namboze Anne. The show pits 4 draw winners against each other in 2 rounds. Each is guaranteed to win between UGX.2 and 10 million but also get the chance to win UGX. 50million++.If no one wins the UGX.50million it increases by UGX.50million every Sunday until its won.


Supa 3 is committed to changing the lives of Ugandan’s through life changing Jackpots and CSR initiatives in the communities, from which the jackpot winners reside. When you win the life changing Jackpot on Supa 3 the lives of everyone in your community changes, which is why Supa 3 have embraced the slogan – ‘You Win, Uganda Wins’.













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48 thoughts on “New Multi-Million Lottery Game Launched, You Can Win 10m Every 10 Minutes

  1. Solo George


  2. Tamale Jimmy

    How do I play? Reply me on my WhatsApp number – 0755957857 Thank you

  3. I new to play but try and failed help me

  4. Kitiibwa John

    How do I enter the play or play

  5. Michael sidungu

    I would like no how to play

  6. Barugahare Kenneth

    I need to join but don’t how

  7. Baluku Ronald

    If I have money on my account, can it be taken away when I’m joining the game?

  8. idid not get my ticket numbers

  9. Oyesigye Caleb

    Good game.

  10. I need to join but i don’t knw how

  11. Karuhanga Tinka Charles

    I like the game because its true & original

  12. Arinaitwe Moses

    I need to play but I don’t know how to participate, reply me on my what’s up no: 0772317968 , I only use Mtn , thax I will be so grateful to receive your response

  13. Arinaitwe Moses

    Help me learn how to play

  14. Katalikawe Donald

    It sounds great, one day I will become a big winner.
    If am to ask,what should one really consider when choosing the three digits?

  15. Muhindo Pallen

    Wanted to join I don’t know where to Biggin from

  16. How many times can you enter the draw a day?

  17. mbaju obed

    good game,its gona uplift Ugandans. Thx to the management.

  18. mbonye

    iuse airtel how do iplay the game? thanx

  19. Kambugu Ronald

    Last week j practised 4 times but didn’t get my ticket numbers 0772601587

  20. Supa3 is good am now practicing it
    My question is when your playing do u maintain same amount or if u pay like 1000 it’s ok to play 2k tommo

  21. Juma Jackson Lasu

    Hi manager, can you kindly avail me with the following below;
    procedures of joining and playing the Supa 3 lottery,
    where is it located in Uganda.
    kindly answer my questions.

  22. Ojok Denis

    i do beleive on supa 3 ! but it’s for riched people i have tried many times i could not win.

  23. mathar

    how can i play

  24. KIIZA

    I won almost 4 tickets but you do not send me back my money


    i love it and i do bet but have never won

  26. I will like to try and see

  27. Wantaate John Bosco

    Hello,what happens if I get 3 numbers right but not in same sequence?

  28. Pearl

    I was told I won 200000 and I only received 170000. Is the prize subjected to taxes

  29. Martin

    I played and won small sums of money. But I have not received any cash yet. Get me at 0703135441

  30. Martin

    How can I request for the money I have won.@ 0703135441

  31. I matched the three numbers in order today but up to now I have not been paid it was 600000= after using 3000= ( 615)

  32. 0704014228 won yesterday 600000= but you have not paid up to now

  33. Bahamwithi Alfred

    I need to play but I don’t know how to participate. Give me full detail via what’s up no 0782592098

  34. Lillian Ekapel

    Dear Super3,
    On Thursday 18-April-20 at 17:29hrs I won 200,000/= but haven’t received payment to date. Can you imagine I was even congratulated but not paid. My ticket was B4V13P55 for #15354 which matched 3 numbers. I need my pay otherwise I am starting to suspect you. My phone number is 0788370858.
    Lillian Ekapel

  35. Kiwummulo victor

    I also want to play but I have failed. I only won one time thankks waiting for feedback WATS app on 0703995111

  36. Pelusi

    therei is when I played with 841. and i was told that my numbers matched but without the number 0782046851

  37. Onoke John Valentine

    Fuck these guys are fraud On September 23 I won 200000 at 13:40 no payment has been made up to now better pay or else I will contact Gaming Board and notify them of the fraud then Uganda Police my number is +256706228105

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