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Museveni: We’ve Seized 500 Illegal Spy Drones Entering Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that government impounded 500 illegal   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) commonly known as drones entering Uganda ‘to spy on some people.”

The President made the remarks Wednesday while addressing MPs and Ugandans on the state of security in the country at Parliament.

“The defence committee has authorized 30 UAVs and 500 have been impounded because they were trying to enter into the country illegally, hence these UAVs must be regulated,” Museveni said, urging the responsible Minister to come up with a policy and Bill to regulate spy drones.

He revealed 10 points to end criminality in Uganda and the use of drones is one of them.

He said there is also need for speedy response when crime is committed.

He said Police officers should quickly arrive at the scene.

“I have directed Police to revive the 999 and Flying Squad only that this time the Flying Squad will really be a flying squad, not a crawling squad,” he said, adding that government will provide them with UAVs (drones) in addition to motorcycles and cars.

Other measures he pointed out in as far as ending crime is concerned  include finger printing  of all guns in Uganda,  installation of electronic number plates on every motor vehicle and Boda Boda at the cost of the owner, banning jacked hoods on roads,  installation of cameras in towns and major roads,  having a modern forensic laboratory, using technology to quickly locate the criminals hiding behind social media,  Uganda Revenue Authority  acquiring new scanners to apprehend people smuggling illegal stuff such as weapons and finally, having a small army with enough equipment and  backed with large reserve force..

“All criminals will pay for their sins,” Museveni said.

He reiterated that no one can succeed in distablising Uganda.

“It is therefore foolish and waste of time for anybody to think that he or she can destablise Uganda with this strategy [of criminality]. We have capacity to prevail in any war, any terrorist campaign or any crime wave,” he said.





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