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MPs Query Move To Impose Term Limits On Only BoU Deputy Governor

MPs on the Parliamentary Legal Committee have questioned a proposal by Igara East lawmaker, Micheal Mawanda (pictured) to impose office term limits only on the office of the Bank of Uganda Deputy Governor while leaving out the office of the Governor.

In the new amendments in the Private Member’s Bill,  Mawanda proposes a clause in the BoU Act  introducing two term limits on the office of the deputy governor renewable once which the committee members have questioned, asking the motive behind the selective discrimination and why  the office of the governor is being left out.

Apparently, the office of the governor is permanent upon appointment and the discretion of firing the governor lies in the hands of the appointing authority that is the president.

Mawanda told the committee that the  office of the governor is a sensitive position, the reason he left it out, leaving the matter to be decied by both the committee and parliament.

In other amendments, Mawanda proposes that the Governor should stop serving both as the governor and chairman of BoU board. He also proposes that the President should appoint the board chairperson subjected to parliamentary approval.

Additionally, the chairperson of the board should have the same qualifications at the level of the governor and that  the governor should be a member of the board, and the deputy governor shouldn’t sit on the board.

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