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‘Museveni Planned To Rule Uganda For 50 Years’

President Yoweri Museveni planned to rule Uganda for 50 unprecedented years, Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba has said.

The former Presidential aspirant took to his official facebook page and posted the following message:

In 2021, President Museveni will have ruled Uganda for 35 years. With the constitutional amendment of removing age limit and re-introducing two 7 year terms for a President, he will be able to have another 14 years making it 49 years in 2035. In 2035 he will be 91 years old.

Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba

In 2035, President Museveni will push for a transitional government/ government of national unity of 2 years to bring onboard all political actors to come up with constitutional and electoral reform and level the ground for Presidential Elections before holding the Presidential election.

The reforms will last one year and the other year will be for conducting the Presidential Election and then handing over office to the next President.

In 2037, when President plans to handover to another President will be 93 years old and he will have been President of Uganda for 51 years, and he will have broken the record of the longest serving President in the whole world with the exception of the Queen of England.

So Ugandans tighten your seat belts as the road is going to be very bumpy in the next 19 years of President Museveni rule.

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  1. SSebunya Fredrick

    Yeah its like a joke but real.

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