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MPs Want Gov’t To Avail Shs10bn For Land Credit Facility

Parliament’s Committee on Physical Infrastructure wants Government to allocate Shs10bn to Uganda Land Commission to kick start the land credit facility.

The chairperson of the committee Robert Kafeero Sekitoleeko says that the land credit facility is aimed at giving tenants loans so that they can get occupancy to enable them acquire registrable interest.

Sekitoleeko says that instead of capitalizing only the land fund, the government needs to put money in the land bank facility to enable people willing to be facilitated to acquire land and also pay back this money with interest.

Sekitoleeko has also asked the government to recapitalize the National Housing and Construction Company Limited  with Shs100bn to enable them finalize building houses ,saying that currently they are building 194 houses in Namugoona but they have no funds to finish them.

Sekitoleeko says that the corporation needs to be recapitalized with 231 billion shillings but currently they have been availed with Shs60bn.

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