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Moneybags Ed Cheune Launches Luxurious AU Vodka Gold In Uganda

Uganda’s tribes of drinks that make people ‘happy’ is set to receive a cousin in the names of AU Vodka.

According to reports, the British made luxurious vodka will be launched in Kampala, a launch that is expected to be officiated by Rich Gang boss, Ed Cheune together with Skata and Shawn.

Inspired by gold, Au Vodka combines British heritage and luxury ingredients to create truly exceptional ultra-premium vodka.

Each batch of Au Vodka’s Premium Vodka begins with the finest grain grown in the heart of the English countryside which is blended with pristine spring water and filtered through the most formidable natural element in the world: gold.

The launch we are told is set to take place at one of Kampala’s affluent hotels on Wednesday.

Five times distilled, Gold filtered and made with the finest British ingredients, Au Vodka is for those who choose individuality over common following. Gold is a key component of the craft filtration process. Gold filtration removes carbon-based impurities and bares mineral properties to give Au vodka its velvety finish. Au’s signature smooth taste and distinct flavouring is perfect on the rocks or in a martini, breathing character to any cocktail.

Ed Cheune

Experts in the liquor business say the drink blends well with most cocktails.

Tycoon Cheune, known for his huge pockets, has been in the country ever since he arrived for the festive season, residing at Posh Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero Hill, Kampala.

A fleet of his cars including the Rolls Royce has been spotted at the hotel.

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