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Kayihura Blasts KCCA ED Musisi Over Traffic Lights

The Inspector General of Police-IGP, Kale Kayihura has hit back at Jennifer Musisi, the Executive Director, Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA for criticizing the role of traffic police in the city.

There was chaos in the city on Friday evening following the withdrawal of traffic police.

Police withdrew the traffic officers after Musisi criticised them for intercepting traffic lights, saying it defeats the purpose for the investment. Musisi made the remark while meeting World Bank officials. She blamed the traffic Directorate for the poor functioning of the traffic lights.

“When police intercepts the function of these traffic light, this wastes our heavy investment and also breeds a culture of law breakers yet the police are law makers,” reads a tweet on Musisi’s official handle. When the tweet went viral, the Traffic Police Boss, Stephen Kasiima sought permission from Kayihura to withdraw traffic police, which led to heavy jam in the city.

KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi

Kayihura ordered the traffic police to resume work following widespread complaints from motorists. “People called me complaining and after a preaching where we were told to forgive our critics, I advised them to deploy on traffic lights again,” Kayihura said.

Speaking to residents of Kulambiro in Kisasi on Sunday evening, the visibly angry Kayihura said KCCA has joined the bandwagon of those criticizing police since it has become fashionable.

“They sit with World Bank and simply because it’s now on fashion to talk badly about the police, they criticize us even where we are doing a good job. That we are disrupting the functioning of their traffic lights, “Kayihura said in an angry tone.


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