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Kadaga Okays Miss Curvy Contest

The Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has given green light to the miss curvy contest that has drawn criticism from not only Women rights activist groups, but Ugandans at large.

This after the organizers of the Miss curvy beauty pageant led by Anne Mungoma, the lady behind the project petitioned the speaker on Wednesday seeking audience to clarify and demystify misconceptions about the pageant.

In a statement, Mungoma said the contest is like any other beauty pageants and that there was so much misconception that the contest would promote sex tourism, which was false and that this would be an avenue for plus size people to enjoy their rights.

She explained: “We felt offended during the debate on the floor of the house when some legislators branded our pageant as a sex tourism. We thought that plus size women will never have a chance because this is a concept that has changed the mindset of the people. There is another category that we can lay a platform so that they can represent Uganda and be ambassadors of beauty from Uganda.”

Mungoma added that the contest will be critical at educating, inspiring and empower plus size women in various aspects and help develop self esteem among this group of people.

In response, Kadaga said: “I think that was the misconception but I am glad that you clarified it, I understand it and I will inform the House because it is your right to participate in the pageant, showcase the different aspects of the country.”

Some activists and individual had branded the contest as a misguided as it sought to promote sexuality by using plus size women as a tourist attraction thus wanted it suspended and the tourism minister Godfrey Kiwanda also impeached.

Although Kiwanda had earlier clarified to the house about the contest fresh voices have been calling for his public apology.

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