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Kabarole Research & Resource Centre Moves To Boost Milk Production In Tooro

Kabarole Research and Resource Centre- Uganda has acquired a credit facility worth 572 million shillings from the Micro finance support centre-MSC to help support the growth of diary sector in Tooro region.

The facility will be used to purchase 60 in-calf heifers that will be given to selected farmers in the region on credit. In the arrangement the farmers will be expected to make monthly payment of 235,000 shillings per month for 48 months. The pilot project will start off with 20 identified farmers.

During the signing-off of the cash a cow project at the KRC-Uganda head offices on Mugurusi Road in Fort Portal Tourism City on Thursday, the organization board and management said the project intends to increase stock of high milk production in the region, increase household incomes and promote local economy growth.

The vice chairperson Board of directors KRC-Uganda, Tom Rubale says that KRC-Uganda been a research led organization and they envisioned such a project that will lead to reducing if not ending malnutrition in the region but also improve the livelihood of the local community.

The Chairperson Investment committee Msgr. Isaiah Mayombo called for accountable management of the money to ensure the project is impactful and there is a consolidated relationship with MSC. He added that the cash a cow project further puts the organization directly in touch with the community.

Amon Tumusiime, a relationship officer and focal person LEGS project at MSC is optimistic of the project’s success arguing that most farmers have been left out of the money economy because they lack security. He said, they welcomed the KRC-Uganda model aware that the region has a deficit in terms of milk collection which has both nutritional and financial implications.

The KRC-Uganda executive director Mohammed Ahmed Shariff said the project model concept was informed by research which KRC-Uganda commissioned considering the aspects of nutrition and improved incomes if farmers have quality cows.

He added that the project practice will also contribute to mitigating of greenhouse gasses, promotion of biogas production and open a market for the bio refinery products being produced by the same organisation.

A team will be trained to have a private sector mindset to manage the implementation of the project. KRC-Uganda is a nationally recognized research, advocacy, and community development organization believing that empowering communities requires a comprehensive understanding of their needs.


One thought on “Kabarole Research & Resource Centre Moves To Boost Milk Production In Tooro

  1. Mugisa Jared

    KRC-Uganda moving in to boost Milk Production is indeed a very timely venture. Milk is a nutritious substance and thus preventive medicine against many illnesses and diseases. Everybody talks about the deficit of Milk in the Tourism City. bravo KRC-Uganda. if the guidance of the Finance and Investment Committee is adhered to, this is the way to go.

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