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Farmers In Lango Region Counting Losses After Drop In Prices Of Tomatoes

Tomato farmers in Lango sub region are counting losses following the drop in prices of tomatoes.

The sub region has had surplus production of the perishable goods which has eventually led to a drastic decline in its prices.

Currently, a box of tomatoes is going for between Shs4000 to 6,000 from Shs35,000 to 40,000 last season. This has affected both farmers and businessmen who purchase the tomatoes in bulk.

Morris Ogwal, a farmer from Ogwete sub county in Otuke district is disappointed that after spending a lot of money on pesticides to manage his tomatoes, the prices has dropped and there are very few buyers.

The farmers believe that bringing tomatoes from other districts is the cause of the price drop and want traders to stop importing tomatoes and instead buy from the local producers.

Walter Lemu, a resident of Abunga parish in Bar sub county who produces between 15 to 18 boxes of tomatoes on a daily basis wants the district to regulate the price of tomatoes or link them up to people who can buy their produce in bulk.

While the farmers and traders and unhappy, a restaurant operator in Lira main market, Agnes Abeja is celebrating the fall in price of tomatoes. Abeja says she can now buy tomatoes cheaply and store for use in her restaurant. “Towards the end of August to September and October, tomatoes were very expensive that you could hardly get enough to cook your food but now I can buy for only Shs500 and use it for two days.


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