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Expert Opinion: Keep Your Word; It’s The Strongest Currency You Will Ever Own

By Livingstone Mukasa

Sometimes we wonder why things never happen for us.

We wonder that no one is capable of trusting us.

But can you keep your word; can you be trusted with something valuable? Now I have helped many get funding outside Uganda, but when it comes to pay back time, the story keeps changing.

                                                           Livingstone Mukasa, the writer

Sometimes someone has a genuine reason why they are in a tight situation, but for most there is this underlying assumption that every white man is wealthy and therefore doesn’t mind if he is not paid back.

Some assume that since the fellow is rich enough he should spread the wealth around a lit bit. This is not true.

But what the people from the Western World teach us is that you don’t have to have much to share what you’ve got with others.

One of the reasons for the high cost of doing business in countries like Uganda is the cost of honesty.

You literally have to keep your eyes open or someone will fleece you. It’s a known fact that even widows cannot cry with two eyes closed when they lose their husbands or else by the time they open and clear them, all the property will have disappeared.

The business people have to factor this in business costing. Bad debts are reaching endemic proportions and infidelity is rampant.

I want to encourage you to try to keep your word especially to people that cannot hurt you or reprimand you.

Livingstone Mukasa is an author and CEO at Mazima Retirement Plan. Twitter@MukasaMulya FaceBook@Livingstone Mukasa

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