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EARLY CHRISTMAS: Pizza Bond Beefs Up Super Tuesday Offer

Pizza lovers in Kampala should brace themselves for an offer of their lives, at least according to the Pizza Bond menu.

Exclusive information we have received from the Jinja-road based eatery indicates that the proprietors have decided to expand the now popular Super Tuesday offer.

Previously, the offer only stood on specific Pizza types, but that is changing starting this Tuesday.

Reliable sources have informed this website that for every Pizza a customer buys, he/she will get one free.

“We want to reward our customers for their loyalty and what a better way than the festive season! “Haruna Ssemambo, one of the senior chefs said.

“We want to give customers something we’ve never given them before, and that’s a real super Tuesday,” he added.

In this offer, we have been told, customers can make as many orders as they want, and delivery to their doorsteps will be guaranteed.

“We have fast and reliable delivery agents, even this Super Tuesday, we shall deliver as we’ve always been.” said David Wabanasi, an experienced chef at the Pizza Bond

As part of the campaign, Pizza Bond has lined up extremely hot waitresses who will handle the customers’ needs.

The idea behind the promotional campaign, according to an inside source,  is to get people to spread the love.

Having run the promotion for quite a while now, Pizza Bond’s Super Tuesday is now one of the most sought-after days in the business fraternity.

Pizza Bond, in case you didn’t know, is located on Jinja road, near club Amnesia.

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