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Bobi Wine Ridicules Museveni’s ‘Ghetto Campaign’

Uganda’s opposition politician Bobi Wine has dismissed President Yoweri Museveni’s appeal for support from youths living in informal settlements, saying he is to blame for their “impoverishment”.

The musician-turned-politician, who is the self-declared ‘ghetto president’, ridiculed a mural of Mr Museveni declaring the 75-year-old leader as “man of ghetto”.

The picture of the mural was taken on Saturday during Mr Museveni’s visit of Kibuye and Katwe settlements in the capital Kampala, where he launched a savings and loans project for the youth.

Bobi Wine tweeted that Mr Museveni – who has been in power since 1986 – was endearing himself to the youth because he was “scared and desperate”:

“The folly of dictatorship! 34 years, he impoverished, marginalised & ignored the ghetto. Tired of indignity, the ghetto rose up to speak- led by the Ghetto President. He dismissed us.We persisted. Very scared & desperate, he now returns as ‘Man of Ghetto.’ The sheer lack of shame,” Wine twitted.

The opposition politician, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, recently declared that he would challenge Mr Museveni for the presidency in the 2021 election.

Mr Museveni called the opposition politician an “enemy of the country’s prosperity”, in a recent BBC interview.

He alleged that the 37-year-old politician had said on a visit to the US that “people should not come and invest in Uganda”.

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