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Archbishop Kazimba Commissions 273-Acre Coffee Farm In South Ankole Diocese

Church of Uganda ventures into coffee farming

Archbishop Dr. Kazimba Mugalu and diocesan Bishop Nathan Ahimbisbwe inspecting a coffee plantation

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Grace Dr Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has commissioned multiple Agrobusiness projects under South Ankole Diocese in Ntungamo district.

The agrobusiness projects commissioned include a 273-acre coffee plantation, 17 acres’ of bananas, a fish project, a hatchery, a fully facilitated Health Center III and a newly constructed Dean’s House.

While commissioning the projects His Grace Kazimba, warned churches against land grabbers who take advantage of churches that have big pieces of unused land. He  thus encouraging churches and other institutions to put their land to use like south Ankole.

Said the archbishop:  “So my prayer is that all dioceses and other institutions could come and learn from this diocese and I want to call upon all Christians all over Uganda to ensure that you have income-generating projects.”

He condemned the killing of young children and torture acts going on in the country.

“I want to call upon all God’s people wherever they are to value life; we should be pro-life and ensure that life is valued and tell those who are killing children that it is wrong because children should be given a chance to live. And for those who are torturing others, it is not good because it is against life”

He said that dioceses should have projects and stop depending on donors but to make money from within and asked that this be promoted because there is donor fatigue all over and in any case donation is often accompanied by some strings.

The Bishop of South Ankole Diocese, Nathan Ahimbisibwe, said that as a diocese they have started the process to secure land titles for every church under the diocese. He also asked Christians to preserve and guard jealously the church land.

Steven Twinomugisha Kyagulanyi, a Christian, said that they are borrowing a leaf from diocesan projects to start income-generating projects in their homes.

Mercy Atwebembeire, another Christian said that the commissioning of South Ankole mission Health Centre III was going to save them from long journeys for health services.


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  1. Nice job, well done my Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe

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