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WARNING!!! Fake Cancer Medicines Hit Ugandan Market

Fake cancer medicines have hit the Ugandan market, putting patients of the deadly disease in more danger.

Uganda’s National Drug Authority (NDA) says they have impounded some unregistered and counterfeit medicines; Avastin® (Bevacizumabi) tablets packed in plastic jar on the market with features Avastin® 400mg, Batch no: NC 2001, Expiry date: 02/2019.

NDA explains that the genuine Avastin® medicine is manufactured by Roche based in Germany and Switzerland, while the counterfeit one is claimed to be made in Sweden.

Additionally, the genuine one is supplied only as an injection for intravenous use while the fake one is presented as bluish-grey tablets.

“All pharmacies, health providers and the public are advised to exercise caution and vigilance while handling medicines and to report any illegal suppliers of medicine to NDA,” Fredrick Ssekyana, the NDA spokesman says.

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