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Unilever Unveils New Royco All In One Mix For Ugandan Market

Unilever, a global giant in nutrition, hygiene and personal care has tailored the new Royco All In One Mix for the Ugandan market.

The product is a mix of Curry and Mchuzi.

Unilever Uganda Brand Manager, Martha Hilda Aguti, says the product launched Tuesday at Motiv in Kampala is a response to the customers’ needs.

According to Aguti, a research carried out by the Company found out that 70% of the meals are vegetables and fresh foods and that to try and get the different tastes of their choice, customers are always open to trying out different things.

To this, Aguti says the feedback from the field is what was perfected into the All In One Mix.

The product gives Colour, different tastes and a thickening soup, with a natural brownish fine finish in the thick soup, pleasant aroma and correct usage quantities.

“This is the perfect blend of fine curry and mchuzi spices and addresses taste, flavor, aroma and thickness (of the soup),” Aguti says.

The new Royco All In One Mix comes in a sachet (two) at Shs 500 (for daily and regular customers) and those packaged in 200 grams for the monthly purchases.

“So, instead of buying two separate products, you buy one and get a combo benefit,” Aguti says, adding that the product comes with affordability, trust (for the brand) and efficacy.

Joanita Mukasa Menya, the Country Manager – Unilever says the Company has been consistent on “heritage and quality.”

“Royco has been here long enough to warrant an innovation. Royco all in one is here. We are driven by the consumer. We listen and respond to what they want. The new product has come in a season where the economy is mixed up. The consumer has little to spend and so much to spend on. This is the perfect mix to give you what you want. A good product, at a good price and available anywhere. Today, we launch what the consumer has been asking for and at a reasonable price,” Menya said during the launch.

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