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Unanswered Questions In Mowzey Radio Brutal Murder

As Ugandans struggle to come to terms with the painful death of mega superstar, Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio, a number of questions abound about the circumstances that led to the singer’s demise on 1st February 2018.

Radio breathed his last at Case Clinic in the capital, Kampala on Thursday after two weeks at the same medical facility where he has been admitted with head injuries sustained in a bar brawl in Entebbe.

The singer who formed half of the musical duo, “Radio and Weasel” was laid to rest on Saturday at his mother’s home in Kagga, Nakawuka off Entebbe road.

Radio, the country’s best vocalist and terrific song writer’s death has left many sad and until the following questions are answered, his death will add to those of many who have died under similar circumstances.



There are conflicting accounts about what happened at “De Bar” where Radio is said to have been involved in a brawl. Reports indicate that Radio got involved in an argument with some patrons over his career and that the exchanged became so heated forcing a bouncer to intervene. In the process, the bouncer reported lifted Radio up before hitting him hard on the concrete floor.

However, if we are to follow this version of events, questions are being raised about what number of people were in the bar at the time? Who did Radio enter the bar with so they can provide a witness account of what really happened. Artistes are found of moving with hangers on. How come there is no mention of those who moved with Radio on the night?

More reports state that it was actually a fan in the bar who hit Radio? Where is this fan? who identified him?


The other question that needs to be answered if the country is to get to the bottom of who caused the death of Radio is the reaction after the singer had been hit. What did those in the bar do immediately they realised Radio was probably lying motionless after he had been hit?

This smartphone generation has made many a people to always capture moments. How come there is no single picture or video clip of what happened, was the fracas so fast that no one was able to quickly get their phones


After being hit and those in the bar realised he needed medical attention, what means did they use to transport the injured Radio? Did they use personal vehicles or call an ambulance? If so, which ambulance service was called in as they transferred Radio to Nsambya Hospital.


Radio is said to have been referred to Case Clinic by Nsambya Hospital in the capital, Kampala. Some fans’ nerves will be calmed if they get to know what Nsambya Hospital found out about Radio’s condition and the basis for referral to Case Clinical.

What reports did those who delivered Radio to Nsambya give about his condition?

Why is the medical facility quiet? Isn’t the public entitled to some form of statement to explain their part since they also handled the case and for how long?


Reports indicate that on arrival at Case Clinic, the medical facility after concluding that the fallen artist required surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain, demanded payment.

On arrival at the facility, he was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as they prepared

The surgery according to reports would involve “drilling” the skull to access the brain and remove the clot.

Charles Rwomushana, a political and security analysts recently revealed his doubts about the case saying he had a discussion with a surgeon with 4 years experience in brain trauma.

“He avers the brain as the most protected organ in the body. The skull is really very hard to crack and the brain is heavily anchored by a tough tissue in many areas. A 32 year old has not yet suffered brain atrophy (shrinkage) to allow wobbling by a moderate deceleration force,” Rwomushana wrote on his Facebook page.

Was Radio hit by a different force so hard it required doctors to ‘drill’ Radio’s skull? Wouldn’t it be relieving for Case to publish a detailed report about Radio’s case from the time of his admission, the medical procedures he underwent until when  he breathed his last?

He adds, “This young musician therefore suffered injury from a severe deceleration or direct hit. The surgeon doesn’t see how professional bouncing would cause any of the two.”

The other question that needs answers is how long it took from the time he was hit to when he was admitted to ICU?

Unless these questions are answered, Radio’s fans may never know what exactly happened to their hero. RIP MOWZEY RADIO!


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