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Uganda MPs Divided Over Shs35bn Inter-Parliamentary Games

MPs attending plenary

The Deputy Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament, Anita Among has denied claims that the Speaker and his Deputy are behind selection of  MPs that will participate in the forthcoming East African inter-parliamentary games.

Among says it’s the  captains in charge of the various sports disciplines that are behind the selection and should therefore carry their own cross.

Among was responding  to a matter raised by Muhammad Nsereko (Kampala Central) who remarked during today’s plenary sitting that reports had emerged within the training field that some MPs have been struck off the  list based on how they voted in the highly contested Speaker-ship race.

 “People are complaining that they have been left out from the different disciplines they have been training in and that the reason, only those that come and plead in a good manner are those that are considered. This is diving MPs and is unprecedented. People want to bring battles of previous elections into sports,” Nsereko said.

Among r fired back saying the Speaker held a meeting with Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition to discuss source of funding for Parliamentary East African games, but none of the trio was involved in drafting a list on the participants but the decision was made by captains of the different disciplines.

“I want to warn you captains, stop your idle talks in the corridors that I have been told to remove you. Me I am not a sports person, take responsibility, carry your own cross. Don’t start apportioning blame,” Among said.

She added: “Whoever is removing MPs shouldn’t say it is the Speaker. carry your own cross, whoever is removing members shouldn’t say it is the speakers. No. we aren’t removing anybody, our work is to facilitate you. So if you have your issues, sort them out.”

Uganda’s Parliament is slated to travel to Arusha-Tanzania to participate in the 2021 inter-parliamentary games that will be held between 4th December to 17th December 2021.

Among said the different disciplines to be competed include football, netball, volley ball, basketball, athletics among others.

Nsereko revealed that Shs35bn had been approved to facilitate the Uganda team travelling to Arusha.

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