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UDB Projects Creation Of 33,000 Jobs In Three Months As Economy Recovers From COVID-19 Disruptions

Partricia Ojangole Managing Director, Uganda Development Bank

The Uganda Development Bank Limited (UDB), the country’s national Development Finance Institution, has today announced that it expects 33,154 jobs created from the July to September project approvals.

The announcement comes at a time when the country is on a steady fast road to recovery after the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that plunged Uganda’s economy into crisis.

“The pandemic presented the country with an employment dilemma that saw many people losing their jobs with declining labour force participation rates. In line with our mandate to spur economic development in Uganda, a total of 33,154 new direct jobs are expected to be created, a bulk of which (47 per cent) are in agriculture and manufacturing,” the UDB Managing Director Patricia Ojangole said while releasing the interim development impact report for July – September.

“Uganda remains a largely agrarian country with over 68 per cent of Ugandans engaged in subsistence agriculture. This is the reason the sector remains key in our mandate across the value chain if we are to sustainably meet our strategic plan in line with the National Development Plan. Five of the agricultural projects approved support reduction of post-harvest losses by improving storage and drying facilities while positively affecting food security by increasing farm production.”

The report further indicates significant impact in output value, tax and forex that will in combination facilitate accelerated support towards economic recovery.

A total of 51 projects were approved with majority share in Agriculture (47 per cent), followed by 25 per cent in Tourism, and 22% in Manufacturing. Infrastructure and health comprised 4% and 2% respectively.

“Based on the last 3 quarters, UDB is on a positive trajectory not only to meet its high impact mission but also continue to operate with profitability,” Ojangole said in conclusion.

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