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Top Cleric Urges Christians To Shun Indecent Clothing

Christians have been urged to shun indecent outfits. The call was made this morning by Rev. Irene Akankwasa, the priest in charge of Prayer, Intercession and Family Life Ministries at All Saints Cathedral, Kampala.

She observed that Christians are increasingly finding comfort in skimpy and tight clothing in total contravention of biblical teachings advising women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety. She says that such clothing would make the unsaved think that Christian women aren’t any different from them.

Rev Akankwasa said that clothing that exposes breasts and thighs to other revelers is a temptation that is inviting lust from the male flock and driving them into sin. She advises that instead of revealing their bodies, Christian women should reveal their chastity, good works, humility, and love for others and reserve their nakedness for their husbands.

This was the last sermon for the second Year of the Family, a theme that was agreed upon by the Provincial Assembly out of the need to end acts of permissiveness, peer pressure, abortion, drunkenness, drug abuse and other evil forces that are believed to be eating up the moral fabric.

Rev Akankwasa urged all members of the female congregation to be cautious of what they put on because they will be answerable to God.

Although she did not specify the right dress code, Anglican Church founded universities like Uganda Christian University, enforce a specific dress code among their students. The dress code stipulates that women should wear skirts or dresses that reach the knees when walking or standing. Modest tops or blouses that cover shoulders are recommended and trousers or dress slacks that reach the ankles.

Male students, on the other hand, are expected to put on belted trousers that reach the ankles accompanied by collared shirts. These can be matched with dress shoes or closed toed leather sandals.

In July 2017, the Public Service Commission reinforced its dress code for non-uniformed officers. According to the regulations, women were banned from putting on short, skirts or dresses above the knees and clothes that expose their cleavage or stomachs. Tight fitting clothes were also banned.


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